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How to mobilize your portable hard drives

by Lan Bui August 12, 2014
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I often get asked, “what are those big round black things on the back of your laptop screen?!” I hope the person I learned this from sees this so I can credit them, but right now I don’t recall if I thought of this or if I got it from someone. Let me know if […]

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How to do SXSW for FREE

by Lan Bui March 9, 2012
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Today I talked to Lindsey Eckwall about her experience at SXSW for the last 5 years. Well… her free experience at SXSW of the last 5 years. Basically she has been to SXSW for free every time she has been! So over the years Lindsey has become an expert at knowing all that is free […]

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