The new essential piece of film gear – Foldable Camera Rig – Zacuto Enforcer and Marauder review

by Lan Bui on January 6, 2014

I just had the chance to use the new foldable camera rigs by Zacuto… the Enforcer and Marauder. The gorilla rigs from Zacuto have worked out great for the past few years, I’ve used them a lot… the only problem was that they didn’t pack away quickly or set up easily. Most of the work I do requires traveling, so the faster and smaller and lighter the rig can get the better.

The two rigs are very similar, one has a hand grip and one doesn’t. They both work with or without a Z-Finder. They both are lightweight and super fast to set up. One of them (or either of them) are the new essential piece of gear to have in any small camera film kit. I’m about to travel to Hawaii on a shoot on instead of taking a massive rig with me I’ll just be bringing the Zacuto Enforcer for all of my handheld shots because it will save me from lugging a tripod around everywhere.

The Zacuto Enforcer and Zacuto Marauder are very sturdy. A lot of people have asked me ‘Which rig should I get? The Zacuto Marauder or the Zacuto Enforcer?’ and it all comes down to your preference. They are both so close in weight that isn’t my deciding factor. I just like holding the camera instead of the handle, although Bui Brother Vu like things with handles! So it is personal preference wether to get the Zacuto Marauder or the Zacuto Enforcer. You might just want to get the Marauder so you have the option… if you are undecided on the Zacuto Enforcer vs Zacuto Marauder.

The differences between the Zacuto Marauder vs the Zacuto Enforcer are just the handle and price. And it is totally worth the price difference!

I’ve also been asked ‘is the Zacuto Enforcer or Zacuto Marauder worth the price?’ YES!!! You can likely sell your gorilla rig to a friend to make up a lot of the price of the new Foldable DLSR rigs.

Go buy the Zacuto Marauder here.
Go buy the Zacuto Enforcer here.

  • Den Lennie

    Looks like a really cool solution, thanks for the video Lan (and lucky guy:)

    • Lan Bui

      :) Thanks man!!!

  • Shane Robinson

    Very very cool! And I love the GoPro POV!

    • Lan Bui

      Dude, I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

  • Shane Robinson

    PS: Hope these are in your Maui travel bag! ;-)

    • Lan Bui

      It absolutely will be!!!

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