Vampire Serum Teaser 1 – shot on a TS3Cine slow motion camera

by Lan Bui on July 16, 2012

A few months ago Sam Proof and I started talking about shooting something together. Not long after that we were getting pretty excited because Sam took a part of his novel (The Brood) and wrote up a miniseries special for us to shoot!

I had a few things I was interested in… I wanted non shiny vampers and I’m not going to over kill everything with blood everywhere. I thought about it… vampires drink blood, they don’t waste their food and spread it all over themselves when they eat! Think about when you eat a meal if you shoved your face in it and got it all over you; not what I do at all. Anyhow, that is not the important thing.

After getting access to use the EVS Stage for a workshop that Den Lennie of F-Stop Academy and I did (with amazing special guests Rodney Charters, Bruce Logan, Mick Jones and Greg Aronowitz… I have no idea how we pulled that one off) I thought it would be great to shoot there some time! Also since Michael N Sutton hooked us up with a prototype TS3Cine high speed camera to shoot slow motion for the workshop I thought that would be fun to shoot with again too!

So all the pieces sat there for a while as Sam and I talked about how we are going to move forward with the Vampire Serum mini series; Michael (of the TS3Cine) and I talked about what I could shoot next; Cody, Greg (of EVS in Glendale) and I talked about cool things to do at the EVS stage… and then it all hit!!! We could shoot high speed with the TS3Cine of Vampires at EVS!!!

Sam had put out a casting call and one person stood out, Erika Lang. She listed gymnastics as one of her abilities and we thought that would be perfect for both slow motion on the TS3Cine and for fighting vampires! Sam called up Stephanie Thorpe and Angela Garner to be a vampire and a bite victim while I found Amandalee Gunnell to be another vampire. A few emails were sent, a few phone calls… and we had a cast and crew all put together!

So… thats how this all came together… I’ll be writing up more about the series soon when we post more videos. We have a couple more teasers and then a trailer coming.

Also, I’ll be doing a writeup about the TS3Cine high speed camera soon too, just let me know what you want to know about the camera!

Massive thanks to:

(location and lighting sponsor)



(camera and lens sponsor)

For making this happen!!!

  • Libby Stack

    A young lady of many talents – what a look – she scares the bejesus out of me ;-) That is a wonderful combination of slo-mo technology and athletic art.  I look forward to the rest. -Libby

    • Lan Bui

      Thanks Libby!

  • Dimitrios

    C’mon Nah! That is gonna be fun.

    • Lan Bui

      It sure is!

  • Lan Bui

    It sure is!

  • Ben Blair

    Dude. That looks really good. Looking forward to seeing the rest. And Steph Thorpe – ScARY VAMP! Yikes. 

    • Lan Bui

      YES!!! Steph looks great!

  • madmarv

    Sweet camera work there. 

    • Lan Bui


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