How to do SXSW for FREE

by Lan Bui on March 9, 2012

Today I talked to Lindsey Eckwall about her experience at SXSW for the last 5 years. Well… her free experience at SXSW of the last 5 years. Basically she has been to SXSW for free every time she has been! So over the years Lindsey has become an expert at knowing all that is free at SXSW. This year she has even created a Google calendar with all of the best free events!

If you have not already, watch the video where we talk about some free things and get to know Lindsay a bit!

Oh yeah… and if you are reading this on Saturday March 10, 3012… come see our Filmmaking session at SXSW at 3:30pm Room 15!!!

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