Brain Crack … Don’t get addicted

by Lan Bui on March 30, 2012

Every once in a while… well actually at least once a month I have to watch this video by Ze Frank… the part I’m talking about is from 0:25 to 1:33 in the video. Although the profane song at the end always puts me in a good mood!

That is all… just thought I’d share this as I get ready to prepare to get started to finally get started on finishing editing some videos. Yep…

  • Shane Robinson

    This is possibly my favorite of all Ze’s videos! Roxanne and I refer to Ze’s idea of “brain crack” many times each week, both to help ourselves get out of our funks, and to help our clients understand their priorities and what may be holding them back….

    • Lan Bui

      Yes… I’ve had this video on my iPod/iPhones since the beginning… I love it.

  • Xavanq

    Sheds  a new light on why co-workers are always wanting to take a meeting to come up with ideas, of which they never act on. Now I know why. Brain Crack addiction

    • Lan Bui

      You should call a meeting and just show them this video… then dismiss the meeting and say “Now use the rest of the meeting time to actually act on the ideas sitting around!”

      Since they already blocked off time… hopefully they will use it wisely!

  • gabrielryan

    i like sharing ideas quickly… like, as soon as they hit my skull… so that i’m not solely to blame when i don’t make them happen.  if i share them, then i feel only partially responsible, and i feel the Lord will not only pass judgement on me, but also on those who heard the idea i shared and also did nothing about it.

    and every once in a while… not often… but every once in a while… maybe i… or maybe somebody else… will actually DO one of those ideas and the Lord will look on the doing with great favor.  at least, that’s how i hope it goes down.


  • Matthew Miller

    ha ha ha… Where the FUCK do ideas come from… that is a GREAT way to start my Sunday. Dude. Thnx so much for sharing. You guys gonna be at NAB?>

    • Lan Bui

      Yep! We will be at NAB.

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