Vimeo Video School – Beginner DSLR video tutorial

by Vu Bui on February 14, 2012

When Lan and I were contacted by Vimeo and Nikon to help with a short video tutorial series for beginner DSLR users, we thought the project sounded like a fun little time. Little did we know what they had in store.

Vimeo has been producing their Video School videos for a little over a year and a half, during which time their production team has also been improving the quality of their own productions. This series marks a new benchmark for them, biggest crew, biggest budget and most effects. We shot for a day to produce two videos, and although it wasn’t a hectic day it was packed full of shots.

The point of the videos is to give a very basic start to DSLR beginners. Most of the readers of our blog are probably not in that category, but you probably know someone who is. Getting their first DSLR, wanting to use it to shoot video… I think we all know someone… or some TEN. This video is for them, and we think it’ll help them out quite a bit if they really are just getting started. Since no one takes a photography class in school anymore… you miss out on the basics, so we have you covered.

There’s also a text guide that goes into a little more detail with some of the topics we covered.

We’re really happy how this video came out and can’t wait for the next. While we’d love to take lots of credit for the production we were in fact just on-camera talent, which was new for us. We helped with the curriculum and we showed up to be on camera… everything else was handled by the awesome team at Vimeo, who have really put together a great resource for beginning filmmakers everywhere!

  • Jillian Bisinger

    Love it you guys! Well done! (= 

  • Anipo

    I am brand new to the DSLR world and a complete amateur photographer. This is really helpful! I have been trolling the net for about a week now looking for video dslr tutorials/camera comparison articles/beginner gear etc and I keep coming back to the vimeo resource for the best (and most creative!) shared knowledge.

    Thanks so much guys! What I found most helpful was demonstrating the video adjustments on screen with the graphics (ie: f/stop, iso #) on the screen.

    Great work Bui Brothers and vimeo team!

    Also, I love Andrea’s energy and humor. Looking forward to more of your work!

    • Vu Bui

      Thanks Anita! Very glad you got something out of these! :)

  • Anipo

    Oh, just to specify. I have been searching for tutorials for video dslr :) my interests are in film making! Thanks again !

  • Farouk_c

    Nice video thanks for the quick tutorial and since it’s not in flash I am sure you are getting way more traffic (I hope)

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