Using the C300 to create believable pictures – Late Night Chatter with Rodney Charters, Drew Gardner and Lan Bui – part 2

by Vu Bui on January 10, 2012

In the second part of the “late night camera geek chat” the guys (Drew Gardner, Rodney Charters and Lan Bui) get a little more drunk and talk a little more about the C300 and what it’ll be good for.

If you saw an earlier video Lan posted, they used an iPad and iPhone to light a clip shot with the Canon C300. It wasn’t a serious exercise, but it was very illuminating (bad pun) as to how this camera can really be used. There are other people who went and did all the data-mining pixel-peeping hardcore testing you’ll need to see… Drew and Lan mostly focused on just learning about how the camera would be used in real-world application… and I am really happy they did. Yes it’s cool to look at the precise tech behind all our new toys, but the real question is how they will change how you work, and that involves a lot more than just the final image.

Rodney talks about true guerrilla filmmaking with a camera like the C300. It’s not only about having a smaller form factor, but the “handholdability” of the camera that makes it such a great tool for truly low-budget shooting. Also, when compared to other cameras around the same price range, you’ve got a true self-contained package. There aren’t boxes to hook up to capture to or wires to plug into the wall… it’s a stand-alone unit that does everything it needs to without hooking up a bunch of stuff just to get it to a workable state. The trio took the C300 to the Billingsgate Fish Market and with a photography permit (which was free and fairly easy to get, unlike a filming permit) were able to shoot all that they wanted.

Another thing they talked about (and by they I mostly mean Rodney) that really interested me was making believable pictures. It used to be that people only knew what war looked like (besides the people who actually went to war) from movies. Or fights, or car crashes, or any number of things that you don’t experience in normal life but that happen in movies. Now with YouTube, the news, reality shows… people know what reality looks like. So the way you light, the way you shoot, it needs to be more “real” to keep your audience immersed in your work. Handholding the camera helps a lot with this, and the C300 happens to be excellent handheld especially with Canon’s IS lenses.

If you’re wondering why the video seems to end abruptly and at an inopportune time, well so was I when I saw it. Apparently they filled up the card in the XF305 they were shooting this video on… and in their semi-drunken and 3am tired state they didn’t realize it until a while later.

There’s one more part of this coming soon! Along with the Billingsgate video and a slew of more detailed videos about the cameras functions and features. Stay tuned! (and by that I mean like come back and see. or you can subscribe via RSS if anyone still does that).

  • Den

    Great stuff again guys. Fantastic insights over a ‘wee dram’

    • Lan Bui

      Thanks man!

  • Ingelbert

    I Love it! I Love it! I Love it!

  • Sebastian TR

    Fantastic stuff, would love to see more of these conversational videos! Brilliant work

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