Canon C300 test video – Michaelmas Goose Dinner

by Lan Bui on December 29, 2011

Here we go!!! Another test video shot on the Canon C300… remember the dinner Drew was cooking the other day? You know when Drew and I were talking about the benefits of the C300 over DSLRs… Well after a few drinks and trying to stay out of Drew’s way that was what I shot.

So now I feel very comfortable shooting with the Canon C300. That is a very good thing because there are mo more test shoots with the C300 left… tomorrow morning we are off to shoot… we even have permits!!! YAY!

We have received a lot of messages from people with ideas for tests and other things they want to hear about the camera… keep them coming! We will be doing another camera review very soon.

Oh and all the handheld shots were done with the new Zacuto Gorilla plate.

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