Give Siri a sexy voice on your iPhone 4S

by Lan Bui on October 24, 2011

I’ve been using my iPhone 4S for a few days now and love using Siri for various things… but the one thing I really wanted to do was change her voice. Not sure why I want this.. it really doesn’t matter… I just wanted to!

So after I was just playing around in the settings and found that you can give her a man voice or a sexy Australian girls voice… I now chose sexy Australian girl.

Here is how:

Sexy Siri Voice 1

Sexy Siri Voice 2

Sexy Siri Voice 3

Sexy Siri Voice 4

So… after you do that there are a few things Siri won’t do when she is doing her sexy Australian accent… like no maps and I’m sure there are other things but that’s all for now…

Oh wait… if you need a real life Australian for acting purposes, here is Shanrah Wakefield:

She totally has the sexy Australian accent…

  • Blabla

    try out some other ones they r hilarious

    • Lan Bui

      Yeah they are!

  • bernardlau

    But then Siri might not understand your accent. I an Aussie and I had to change Siri to American since my gf has a semi states accent… But nothing beats sexiness!

    • Lan Bui

      And I found out some features don’t work right too… haha, still fun to use!

  • Michael

    Sexy Voice for Siri and a face for Siri

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