Memory Bank : Lindsay Campbell Photos

by Erica Hampton on April 5, 2011

Lindsay Campbell photos - Lindsay Campbell photoshoot

I think everyone can appreciate how easy it can be to get so busy that really great work gets made but never shared with the world. Lan and Vu have quite a few sessions that were never blogged about because they were to busy making amazing photographs and videos!

I think sharing these images as “Memory Banks” is a good way to showcase the lost photo-shoots of the Bui Brothers. I’ll do my best to provide as much information as possible about the shoot and the subject. Enjoy!

Lindsay Campbell photos - Lindsay Campbell photoshoot

Lindsay Campbell photos - Lindsay Campbell photoshoot

I love these head-shots, I think they really convey the awesomeness that is Lindsay Campbell.
Lindsay is a classically trained actress , new media producer and host and new mom. I’m sure you’ll recognize her from hosting the daily news show Mob Logic and NNN Small Business Rules on Open Forum and now as host to her life cast, New Media Mama, for NonSociety.

Keep a lookout for the next Memory Bank, there are plenty waiting in queue!

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