DSLR video cheatsheet – Cinematic Production Workflow with DSLRs – SXSW talk

by Lan Bui on March 22, 2011

photo by Lyn Graft

At SXSW Film this year we were asked to give a talk on cinematic production with DSLRs. We spent an hour talking about the gear and how we shot and edited a short 5 minute documentary over the course of 3 days. Literally… we shot for two days and edited for 24 hours… it was intense!!!

The documentary was produced by Lyn Graft of LG Pictures for RISE Global. Check out those links for more information.

The one thing we wished we could have talked more about was our post production workflow… but in the one hour we were provided it just was not enough time. So… fortunately… right before we left for SXSW Vu and I did a webinar about our post production workflow. It was a 3 hour webinar that literally covers all of our post production workflow and we give out a ton of odd tips and tricks along the way. We recorded the webinar and were not sure what exactly we wanted to do with it… until now.

So… if you want to learn all about how Vu and I do videos… travel with equipment… and do our post workflow… there are three parts to learning all of it…

First – free

Download our 1 hour gear talk that we gave at SXSW FIlm 2011. It is an hour long mp3 (well, 1 hour 1 minute 26 seconds) where we talk all about the gear we used on a week long traveling shooting trip covering 21 interviews in Austin, TX and San Franciso, CA. We brought with us everything we needed to shoot… even a 7 light kit. You can listen to it on the Cinematic Production with DSLRs SXSW Film page or download it directly here.

Download our presentation slides (minus the videos from the presentation) to follow allong with the mp3… we also have links to all the products in the pdf.

This is NOT a guide to what gear you should buy and use… it is a guide to what gear WE used on the week-long shoot. We are firm believers that you can use ANY gear that delivers reasonable quality and workflow… but we trust the gear we show you in this talk very much as it has all served us well.

Second – free

Download The Bui Brothers DSLR video cheat-sheet where we cover our post production workflow and some shooting tips. This guide is all you need to follow our post production workflow assuming you understand each step, as it is fairly high-level.

Third (optional)

The above two downloads should cover everything for you to be able to choose the right gear and to use a fast and effective post workflow. If you need something more in depth… that is where our recorded webinar will come in handy. It is a three hour video covering every step of our post production workflow. After giving out the DSLR video cheat-sheet to a few people we realized that some people might want something more in depth.

So… since some people really need this information we want to offer it to anyone that needs it! But since everyone already paid to attend the webinar live we cannot give it out for free (that would just be unfair to those who paid for the live experience)… so we are offering it up for a small fee of $25. The video quality is not great but the information covers everything.

Add to Cart – Click here to buy the recoded 3 hour webinar about our DSLR video post workflow

  • Ginny Corbett

    you guys rock!

  • Mike M.

    Thanks guys! You kick much @$$!!!!

  • John Brumbach

    Great info, thanks for sharing.
    The one thing you don’t list is the Softbox. Do you have a make or model that you could share?

  • http://zenjimedia.com Mason Zenji

    Thanks for the info! Are you guys out at NAB?

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