Kaile Goh Gold (acoustic) ft. Paul Dateh and Ken Belcher

by Lan Bui on March 31, 2011

vocals: kaile goh – kailegoh.com
guitar: ken belcher – kenbelcher.com
violin/vocals: paul dateh – pauldateh.com

Kaile Goh Gold

A few months ago Ken brought Kaile over to the studio to record some stuff with Paul… I just happened to be there and thought it would be fun to shoot the video for them!

We didn’t have a shooting plan… it was all just spur of the moment!!!

How we shot it

Having never heard the song before — and not having time to actually plan the shoot I decided to just do a single camera ‘one shot’ all the way through for all the parts — I’d have them each perform their entire take all the way through so it would be a ‘live’ type video. Paul would mix the tracks together and give me a high quality WAV to sync up the video.

So I began by lighting the video, I wanted to use lighting that was universal and that I could use for pretty much anything in post. There was only one good option: ring light!!! Well… since I don’t have a ring light, I went to my trusty Westcott TD5’s with daylight balanced bulbs. I have four of them in strip banks and made a square to surround my Canon 5D mark II. You can see this in the BTS video below…

The lights made a very cool looking reflection in her eyes. Go, Wescott!!

The camera had to be positioned in the exact middle of the four Wescott TD5’s but since the Wescotts were on stands the spot where the tripod needed to be was occupied… so I used two Zacuto baseplates and Zacuto rails attached to a tripod to position the camera just where I needed.

So the idea now was to just shoot each person as a track and then edit the video together and show that they each did it in one continuous take!!! It was going to be really cool.

Ken went first. I think we only did one take for him! He nailed it.

Kaile went second. I also think we only did one take for her too!!!

Paul was third… fourth… fifth… sixth… hahahah… there were to many tracks to what Paul did!!! It sounded so cool to hear Paul record track after track layering them all together to make what you heard above. We didn’t end up recording all of Pauls tracks on video… that would have been crazy… but you get an idea from the video what it was like.

Here is the commentary BTS video:

What does this all mean?

So I think my point to all of this is that we shot this video all on a whim… they were just going to shoot it all themselves on a point and shoot camera but I took about a few hours to shoot this and came out with something that I think looks pretty cool.

There was no ‘crew’… there was no plan… there was no time wasted… we just got to it and shot it. Most of us have plenty of tools and can make amazing things happen with what we have at hand. We always tell ourselves that we need to plan things out and schedule and buy this and borrow that in order to get a shoot done.

It’s easy to get hung up on getting that “badass” steadicam or slider shot, but getting a great shot can sometimes be as easy and simple as locking down that camera.


Wow… this video has had such a great response on YouTube!!! It got the following honors on its launch day:

#22 top rated (music)
#24 most favorited (music)
and some others…

Right now it already has 14,777 views too!!! And is #76 – Top Rated (This Week) – Music!!!

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