Taryn O’Neill photo as Wonder Woman

by Lan Bui on February 25, 2011

Taryn O'Neill photo as Wonder Woman

Just did a quick edit on this photo for Taryn O’Neill… I love it.

Fantastic makeup by the wonderful Kadi Dugan (you should hire her).

Sometimes we do shoots that are very fun and amazing and no one ever sees them because Vu and I keep saying we are too busy to post them. We literally have 30 shoots from the past year that no one except our clients have seen because we have not had a chance to blog them. I know that is just an excuse… but what do you think… should we just post small posts like this if we are too busy to make a full BTS video? Is this the kind of stuff you want to see here? Answer us in the comments below.

Taryn O'Neill photo as Wonder Woman

  • http://www.shanerobinson.com/ Shane Robinson

    Absolutely YES!! Just small posts like this with 2-3 images is much better than nothing at all.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      I think the “better than nothing” argument is definitely going to win! :)

  • Brett

    Of course, I love to look at photos! More, please!

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Thanks for responding, I think you’ll get your wish!

  • Phil

    ABSOLUTELY small posts. Just throw down 5-10 photos! Small caption at top!

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Whoa whoa… “small” posts of “just” 5-10 photos? ;)

  • Dwarner

    Personally – I’m ‘wondering’ how she got in that costume and what she’d do with the whip! :-) Just kidding – great shots! Something is always better than nothing.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Gonna have to keep wondering, man. ;)

  • http://www.ramseymohsen.com Ramsey Mohsen

    BTW, I don’t think it’s cool that you “faked” the email send to your list. It was contrived as a personal message when clearly it was not. Not cool, in my opinion respectfully. I’d ask you to consider the next time you’re doing a batch and blast send.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Hi Ramsey, we actually title the subject of the email starting with “[The Bui Brothers]” so that you KNOW it’s a mailing from our list. Every single person on our mailing list signed up for it and confirmed it, we are VERY conscious about spam and misleading people and would not intentionally do so… which is also why the entire bottom of the email is there so you know why you got the message and how to unsubscribe if you don’t want it.

      There was nothing fake about it… we are personal in our emails and all email list software allows you to use the person’s first name in the email… it’s a mailing list but we still interact with each person as personally as we can.

      Please unsubscribe if you do not wish to receive our emails anymore, we don’t want anyone to get an unwanted email from us, ever. Well unless it’s an invoice to pay us, which no one ever wants. :P

      • http://www.ramseymohsen.com Ramsey Mohsen

        It wasn’t unwanted email, the way the sentiment was written was just contrived to look like a personal message from Lan. In the end, it was clever link bait. <– which is a technique, I'm sure you'll get a good success of the opens and click-throughs on this.

        • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

          Well like Lan said, thanks for the feedback. I disagree with the contention that it was contrived, because that would assume intent… but knowing how it’s being perceived is actually VERY important to us. In fact I’m now considering adding this as a survey question soon in one of our mailing.

          When I receive an email that has a business name in the subject and full business details and unsubscribe links on the bottom… and it’s from someone I subscribe to, I assume it’s from their mailing list. BUT we’d be silly to assume that everyone thinks the way we want them to think!

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Fake? haha… It was not batch sent to anyone but people subscribed to our list. Also, it was a personal message that I wanted to send to everyone that signed up to gets updates from us.

      Thanks for your feedback though, it does help us to know what your perception of our content is.

      • http://www.ramseymohsen.com Ramsey Mohsen

        I know you’re intentions were good. Trying to come off personal, but it came across to me as being “duped” that it wasn’t a personal email to me (not that i would ever expect you to email me individually)

  • Mark

    I think it was a GREAT email. It got me to your site and there is was…the question. Makes sense to me. As to posting, I too have the same problem, no time to post. But I would say, post a few pics quickly is better than nothing at all.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Thanks Mark!

      Sounds like you should just start posting small posts too then!

  • Anonymous

    Nice! Esp. the shadowed one.

    It would be nice to see more…but keep up the quality postings.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      We definitely don’t plan on ceasing the big posts when we can… but we’re now thinking that we can sprinkle in a lot of smaller ones in between the LONG waits! :)

  • http://twitter.com/bsanderson Brian Sanderson

    I like small bite size posts like this personally. Keep em coming.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      I like that your avatar looks like it’s very approving of the small posts.

  • Shari

    A picture is worth a thousand words right? So, a photo and short post are great! Besides I love to just see really cool stuff.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      :D I think I’ll just charge by the word from now on… but deliver in photos. :P

  • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

    :D I think I’ll just charge by the word from now on… but deliver in photos. :P

  • Charlene

    Yes I do agree with most of above-mentioned: I enjoy reading your blog, so anytime you post a small post, I’d definitely still read them. Like the one that said, “better than nothing,” I totally agree with that one. Big or small posts, keep them coming!

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Will do then, thanks Charlene!

  • Mike

    I have to agree with the majority. I like the both the small, more frequent posts, as well as the larger posts. But, seeing as how it takes more time to prepare for the larger posts, the smaller posts are a good intermediary step to remind us of how busy you get and that you’re still taking these beautiful shots. Keep ’em coming, I really enjoy your work!

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Awesome point Mike, thanks!

  • Jeff

    Posts like this are great. Videos are nice, but not necessary.

    Have Fun,

  • http://twitter.com/jfsd Jonnie Santos

    Yeah, a few posts distills the essence of the shoot. Then it would be easier to contrast the work over time and subject.

  • Coreymatthews

    I can dig, this photograph really cool you guys have anytips on working portrait work in a smaller city? wanting to leave my job and just do it!!

  • Meo

    I like it and will look forward to more…

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui


  • Blair Van Bussel

    Post those shoots my friends! We all clearly LOVE them! :)

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui


  • http://twitter.com/1kwphoto Carl Reid

    Hey Bui Brothers, awesome picture as usual. In particular, the image by the window blinds. Can you give up the goods on lighting techniques?

    Carl from T.O.

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Thanks Carl!

      Yep… the one at the window had one light outside shining in directly
      pointed at Taryn. One big softbox camera right… that all!

  • Anonymous

    Your work is too fabulous not to share and I know most of your clients would want your content featuring them put on display as well. Possibly a side feed that features photos where the main feed is the more complex video/story type postings. Not sure of the best way to integrate this into your main site, but i do like having the ‘rich’ postings as the main content that is featured.

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      I like your idea… We will have to work on that during our brand focusing
      over the next few months.

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