Katy Perry Firework LipDub

by Lan Bui on February 18, 2011

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Katy Perry Firework LipDub

A few weeks ago I got an itch to make something fun for WPPI. Obviously it had to be video related… so I started thinking of what to make. I have not just gone out and made a fun video for a long time so I decided to do just that.

Music videos dominate YouTube and I can’t seem to stop watching them… so that was an easy choice.

I also wanted this to be awesome so I needed a budget for it… Luckily, SmugMug Pro came to the rescue after hearing about it from Bob and Dawn Davis.

The next step was to put together a cast of people to be in the video, I reached out to a lot of friends and ended up with an all star mega awesome cast!!! Here is everyone that ended up in the video in order of appearance in the Katy Perry Firework LipDub video:

Kerry Garrison
Robert Evans
Christine Bentley
Roberto Valenzuela
Leeann Marie
Kevin Kubota
Dawn Davis
Bob Davis
Jim Garner
Sara France
Khara Plicanic
Erin Youngren
Jeff Youngren
Jody Gray
Zach Gray
Heather Brown
Eugene Brown
Kevin Swan
Justine Ungaro
Jay Goldman
Joy Bianchi
Jules Bianchi
Lauren Hillary
David Esquire
Corey Hage

Because I was so busy with planning the shoot I wanted to have someone else shoot it… someone else worry about operating… so…

Director of photography:
David Robin

Steadicam operator:
Aldo Valadez

Edited by:
Josh Allard

Behind the Scenes:
Oleg Kalyan
Bonny Pierzina
Vu Bui

Here is the first behind the scenes video… created by Oleg Kalyan.

Thanks for watching, and a BIG thanks to SmugMug Pro for sponsoring the Katy Perry Firework LipDub.

This video sponsored by:

  • Joel Llacar

    That VID was SWEET!!! LOVE IT!!!

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Thanks man!

  • Stacie Frazier

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more excited about WPPI! I was wrong. Thanks guys! Loved the video!

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      All your favorite photographers in one vid!!! YAY!

  • http://twitter.com/davidrobin davidrobin

    Hey guys, Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. had a blast!

  • http://twitter.com/ravenmathis Raven Mathis


    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/davidperryfilms davidperryfilms

    Great work Bui Bros and DR the DP! Loved the behind the scenes Oleg :)

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Yeah, Oleg did a great BTS video… if it was not for him we wouldn’t have any BTS yet!

  • Mikelarson


    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Thanks man!

  • http://twitter.com/denzilv Denzil Villarico

    Great video!

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Thank you.

  • Aaron Dieppa


  • Dawn Davis

    Loved being part of this. Let’s get it out on YouTube where it can get some really great traffic!

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