Zacuto Great Camera Shootout 2011 Prep Day

by Lan Bui on January 31, 2011

Great Camera Shootout 2011 – Hollywood Prep Day

Vu and I are spending the next couple days documenting the Hollywood portion of the Zacuto Great Camera Shootout 2011… If you know anything about the one Zacuto did last year you will know this is a MAJOR event.

Today was the prep day and Vu and I met up with Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch and the big crew here at Mole Richardson in Hollywood. There are a bunch more very important people here… I’ll try and find out who all is here and list them out in tomorrow’s post.

Zacuto Great Camera Shootout 2011 BTS

Zacuto Great Camera Shootout 2011 BTS

Right now they are building up the sets for the tests, everything is amazing to see… so much of the equipment is very specialized and scientific…

Zacuto Great Camera Shootout 2011

More to come soon, the fun is just beginning!

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    Nice! Will be following this with great interest, like last year.

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