Square vs GoPayment – squareup.com vs gopayment.com

by Lan Bui on January 10, 2011


UPDATE 9-21-11: We have gotten MANY phone calls on our cell phones from customers needing support for their Square service. People somehow don’t realize that we are NOT Square, and they are truly desperate to contact them, so it seems they will call any number they think MIGHT get them to Square. Square stopped responding to my emails about this and about this post months ago. I hadn’t emailed them much, only a few times, trying to get some kind of official response or phone number from them… to no avail.

I called the number above, it was posted here by one of the commenters, and it is the general office number for Square. They said it would be in my best interest if I just took this blog post down and that they would not be making any official response on here. They also threatened to report you to their compliance department. Then they rudely told me not post this number AS their support number… so I’m not. If you are looking to call the offices of Square call 415-375-3176, it is NOT THEIR SUPPORT NUMBER, but when you call it does say to just hold for support.

Anyone can see below in the post AND in the comments that we have done nothing but say good things about and defend Square, because their service worked for us for the few times we used it. Unfortunately that’s where our support of them as a company ends, as all other experiences with their employees have not been good AT ALL.


Square vs GoPayment

Getting Paid

Very often small business owners need to get paid from clients. Many times these clients forget to send the check… then forget to send the check, then think they sent the check, then try to send the check, then never send the check… then finally write you a check when you show up at their office after you overdrew your account and have to pay $333 in overdraft fees because some automatic payments to Dropbox, Netflix, Hulu and Evernote came out of your account along with the gas and snacks you bought the other day.

Well, how do you get paid then? Checks might never get to you, checks might bounce… and checks have no fees! PayPal is instant, PayPal has small fees… but some people don’t like Paypal. And any other merchant services, gateway terminal or credit card processor has some crazy monthly fee and/or some setup and rental and other stupid fees… so what is your best option?

How we take money

Here is a general breakdown of how we take money from clients… well.. better said… how we accept payment for our hard work.

Cash – If you pay cash, SWEET! We will take any amount. Cash is KING.

Check – Anything over $1000 I usually prefer a check, fees get too expensive for my taste when someone pays more than $1000 on a Credit Card. But when they book, I’ll likely ask the client to pay the deposit or retainer with something listed below.

PayPal – Anything under $1000, jobs for a few hundred dollars or even just retainers and deposits on bigger jobs are usually done with PayPal. I get the money right away, know it is good and can even get access to it with my PayPal Debit Mastercard.

Google Checkout – If someone does not like PayPal and I’m not going to be physically next to them… this is the next best option. Unlike PayPal, I won’t get the money for 3-5 days… but once I charge it I know it will be there.

Credit Card – Anyone that does not like PayPal or Google Checkout or does not want to pay with a check… or someone that has not paid for some reason or another… well… I’ll suck it up and just take the hit on the fees just to get paid. I’ve used various methods before and just a few months ago I got Square… That changed the way I look at taking credit cards.


Square is a tiny divice that works with your iPhone and iPad to swipe and charge credit cards and debit cards. It is beautiful. The website is beautiful. People look at it when you whip it out in amazement and awe. I love it.

The receipts are gorgeous and the geo integration is perfect.

Square’s card processing fees are:
Ideal for less than $1,000 per week (but you can do as much as you want)
Monthly Service – $0 /month
Swipe Rate – 2.75%
Keyed Rate – 3.5%
Transaction Fee – $0.15
Square card reader – Free (Free replacement card readers too)
Monthly Minimum – None
Activation – None
Gateway – None
Early termination – None
Setup Fee – None

I was all happy with Square and then GoPayment just came out with a free option… so Square vs GoPayment? What will be better GoPayment or Square? Square vs GoPayment??? I listed below the comparison between Square vs GoPayment.


Something new to me is this GoPayment thing. I just ordered mine so I have no real life experience with it yet… but it looks great. Right now you can get the unit for free (not sure how long that will last) and it seems like a great solution. I really don’t expect Intuit to have a website as awesome and beautiful as Square, but I’m sure it will get the job done. The unit does not look as cool as the Square, but again I’m sure it will get the job done.

All in all I think it is a great option to look at if you are taking less than $1000 per month.

Intuit GoPayment Low-Volume Plan
For businesses processing less than $1,000 per month
Monthly Service – $0 /month
Swipe Rate – 2.7%
Keyed Rate – 3.7%
Transaction Fee – $0.153
Intuit Credit Card Reader – Free for limited time ($179.95 normally)
Monthly Minimum – None
Activation – None
Gateway – None
Early termination – None
Setup Fee – None

Which should you choose?

I really like the way we do things here… I’m going to try out the GoPayment system and see if it is a good fit, but likely I’ll just be sticking with Square. What are your opinions between Square vs GoPayment?


Jan 12, 2011 – I just got the account approved for the GoPayment account but unfortunately in the email they sent they did not provide the information they promised:

Once approved, you will be provided information in your approval email on how to redeem your card reader.

That was in the fine print on the website where I signed up. So I am on a live chat session with their support and they just told me it will automatically be sent to me… Hang on for updates… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Well, the chat went on.. here is the entire transcript:

Please wait for an Intuit Payments Solutions Chat Agent to respond. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 2 second(s).

All of our Intuit Payment Solutions Chat Agents are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. The estimated wait time is ‘0’.

Welcome to Intuit Payment Solutions. Your chat session is now live.

Ashley: Hello, thank you for chatting with us today. How may I help you?
Ashley: We have not heard from you. Do you wish to continue the chat?
Ashley: We are ending this chat session since we have not heard from you. If you have additional questions, please feel free to chat with us or call us at 1-866-492-3611.
Lan Bui: Hello, I just received my approval email for my account… the pricing page where it says I’ll get a free reader says in that email it will tell me how to redeem my free card reader… it did not.
Lan Bui: Once approved, you will be provided information in your approval email on how to redeem your card reader.
Lan Bui: That is what the website said.
Ashley: It will automatically be sent out to you after you application is approved.
Lan Bui: I’m confused…
Lan Bui: So there is no need to reddem the reader?
Ashley: Which merchant service did you sign up for?
Lan Bui: GoPayment.
Ashley: Which phone are you using with GoPayment?
Lan Bui: iphone 4
Ashley: Okay, sorry about that.
Lan Bui: So I will get the reader automatically?
Ashley: When you get the e-mail you will fill out a form and they will send you the free card reader.
Lan Bui: I received the email and there was no form.
Ashley: You will receive another e-mail after you application is approved, that e-mail will contain the form that you will need to gill out?
Lan Bui: The email I received was the application approval email.
Lan Bui: The account is approved and open.
Lan Bui: I can forward you the apporval email if you want.
Ashley: Unfortunately, we can send or receive e-mails.
Ashley: Give me just one moment to do some research for you.
Lan Bui: ok
Ashley: Thanks.
Ashley: What day did you apply for the service?
Lan Bui: Three days ago.
Ashley: And you have received the approval e-mail and the activation e-mail?
Lan Bui: yes
Ashley: Okay, you since your account is active you will need to speak with Customer Service 1-800-558-9558.
Lan Bui: Seriously??? That was the first thing I told you… I said “I just received my approval email for my account… the pricing page where it says I’ll get a free reader says in that email it will tell me how to redeem my free card reader… it did not.”
Lan Bui: Why did you not tell me to contact customer service then?
Ashley: This is a brand new promotion (started this week) and we have not been informed of all of the specifics.
Lan Bui: I’m even more confused… I was on the website and a LIVE help thing came up offering help on the page with the promotion… was I safe to assume that LIVE help would be able to help me?
Ashley: In this particular department we sell merchant services. For technical help and ordering card readers you have to contact customer service.
Lan Bui: Thanks for your time… I’m blogging about this and would like to give you the link so you can share it with your superiors. http://thebuibrothers.com/blog/2011/01/square-vs-gopayment-squareup-com-vs-gopayment-com/


UPDATE 9-21-11: We have gotten MANY phone calls on our cell phones from customers needing support for their Square service. People somehow don’t realize that we are NOT Square, and they are truly desperate to contact them, so it seems they will call any number they think MIGHT get them to Square. Square stopped responding to my emails about this and about this post months ago. I hadn’t emailed them much, only a few times, trying to get some kind of official response or phone number from them… to no avail.

I called the number above, it was posted here by one of the commenters, and it is the general office number for Square. They said it would be in my best interest if I just took this blog post down and that they would not be making any official response on here. They also threatened to report you to their compliance department. Then they rudely told me not post this number AS their support number… so I’m not. If you are looking to call the offices of Square call 415-375-3176, it is NOT THEIR SUPPORT NUMBER, but when you call it does say to just hold for support.

Anyone can see below in the post AND in the comments that we have done nothing but say good things about and defend Square, because their service worked for us for the few times we used it. Unfortunately that’s where our support of them as a company ends, as all other experiences with their employees have not been good AT ALL.


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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4EZYE4BVWUG6OGXGJ7YFYD6HAA S

    I am seriously considering one of these services and heard about them initially by reading an article by NPR yesterday posted on facebook about Square. Square is what I initially wanted to go with, but there seems to be a lot of concern from people in regards to their customer service and not having a direct phone line on their website. In your blog you mentioned how great their website is…is it a bit different when you become a member and log in? I did see a help page with frequently answered questions, but otherwise did not see any way that their website was unique or overly helpful. I left it feeling like none of my questions about it were really answered. The gopayment website definitely explained the process better, but I was confused about the “redeeming issue” as well. I have a gut feeling about square, but would like to know a bit more about it. Do you have anything new to share since your initial blog? I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      So far there has been no development… I’ll post more once there is more to

      As a member you just have access to see your account information and
      transaction history. I have not had to contact support for any issues yet.

      • Mitch501

        I needed to contact support. It doesn’t seem to exist. No word on a problem with a $105. I’ve been email for almost 2 weeks. No response. No phone number. No nothing. I think they are a rinky dink organization that can’t support their product.

    • Richboy30144

      There is no customer service number and I have been waiting weeks to get paid. They do not answer emails either… YES i’ll say it…, SQUARE IS A SCAM!!! STAY AWAY!!! BEWARE!!!

      • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

        I completely disagree that Square is a scam… just because you have had a
        bad experience does not make them a scam.

        I’m sure there is an issue you are having but your issue plus some others
        does not make them a scam… at worst it just means they have bad customer
        service. But I’m betting on something more likely… that it might be user
        error not Square error.

        • Hillarybankz

          I also have had this concern. After completing the application, I received an error message. I contacted support and they said it was a technical issue they were looking into. 3 months later no follow up. They have ignored over 6 emails. I feel duped into providnign them with my social security number and business information. Seems like a scam to me. Twitter is completely different so it does not impress me that the founder made twitter as well. The customer service is horrible and you cannot call for help! I am also seeing a lot of c0mplaints with merchants not getting paid for months at a time! No Bueno. Can’t wait till paypal releases a competitor. There is also a new payment processor you all may want to check out http://dwolla.com looks promising but haven’t tried them out yet.

          • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

            That sounds sucky that you are not getting service from Square…

            The dwolla service seems very much like PayPal… I wonder what
            the benefit to using them is… but I also think the big deal for me is that
            Square and GoPayment take credit cards and everyone already uses them…
            that was the problem i want to solve… I want to take credit cards… I
            don’t want to sign up for some service and then try and find or make others
            use that service.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MAR2R33MFVY2SPDDY5NAVATQ3Y Ty

            Give us a look Hillary. We’ve been doing this 13 years and no one hates us. We give you 3 in 1 processing(your computer, website and mobile device) and TWO dedicated reps and the best software.

          • Tschell

            Ty, are you with dwolla?  If so, I would like to speak with you about my new business and the need for a “trusted & Supported” payment processor that accepts credit cards at a reasonable fee. tschell@usa:disqus .net

        • Mitch501

          I think a company that promises customer support. Takes fees, and then does not respond to customers is in fact a scam. They don’t do what they promise. If they don’t provide customer support they shoudl say so. I have been trying to get in touch with them for two weeks.

          • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

            I completely understand what you are saying…

            We actually notified them about this post and the comments and hopped they
            would respond to it… maybe they will soon…


          sorry bro, myself and several other vendors I know are having the same problem.  Credit cards are being billed and square is no where to be found, they will not return emails and have no contact information listed, I have emails in my inbox that state you will receive this (certain amount or money) payment in a few days and it has been well over a month, and square is no where to be found, I have a feeling that LAN BUI works for square…. I do also feel they cannot support their product or the statements about their product and features.  If that is true or not, it is certainly true for vendors using square in Kansas City area, Square is running a scam, even if they just can’t keep up with things, it is a scam to tell vendors using their products how efficient everything will be after they start using it and well the results speak for themselves,, SQUAREUP.COM ======SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM………

          • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

            You are free to have your opinions… I do not work for square though.

            I’m actually very disappointed at how little attention they are giving this
            blog post. I would have hoped that by now they would have responded here to
            show they care.

            Still waiting for them to post something here.

          • http://www.dogdayskennel.com/ Tony

             If they are ignoring customer requests for communication, why would they respond to a blog?

          • http://about.com/vubui Vu Bui

            We were in touch with them multiple times. Via voice and via email, and although they responded, it was very negative and even accusatory (that’s my opinion of the tone). It’s one thing for people to say they ignore their emails, it’s another to say that we were at one time in perfect communication with them, they just declined to make any comments, and back at that time we were on their side!

          • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

            Ha! You’re accusing Lan of working for Square based on what grounds? Do you even know what website this is and what we do? If you’re going to make accusations you might want to make some that make a shred of sense.

            The word scam is thrown around a lot… usually by people who don’t even understand what it means. I know multiple people who have used Square without an issue. I am one of them. All the complaints I’ve heard are by people that I don’t know… so I can’t vouch for them and I can’t vouch for you… and I definitely can’t vouch for Square. They have responded to all of my emails. ALL of them. Within 24 hours. That doesn’t mean they do the same for everyone, but that has been my experience. I also have asked them to come to this post and write an official response to some of the people who are saying here what they don’t feel they can say to customer service because they can’t find a way to contact them. So far, against MY better judgement, they’ve decided not to. That’s probably a legal decision but I definitely don’t know for sure.

            If you actually read anything here and had an average level of intelligence you would realize that we aren’t saying Square is amazing… we’re saying Square works for us. Your annoying accusations are just that… annoying. But baseless.

          • adkragman

            What email address do you use to contact Square?  Thank you!

          • HEATHER


        • L.J.

          I’m sorry Lan but I’m thinking that likely you represent Square, they ARE a SCAM. I processed cards LAST WEEK and have hundreds sitting my account that they won’t transfer to my account. You need to tell Mr. Dorsey that they need to improve EVERYTHING. Their product and their customer service.

          • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

            You obviously don’t understand how things work. If you did I would feel bad for you. Fortunately all evidence shows you don’t understand how to read… Or you would have read that the post and saw that I/we are not.

          • http://about.com/vubui Vu Bui

            Wow, now people are just being morons. L.J., you’re actually stupid. There’s nothing more to say about it.

      • Mitch501

        I agree. They have no customer support. If you use them. be prepared to lose money. I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone for 2 weeks.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MAR2R33MFVY2SPDDY5NAVATQ3Y Ty

        Give us a look, Rich. You get TWO dedicated reps and unlike Square, we STARTED as a processor.

        • Jared

          Ok… thats it someone who works for QB, and I have to throw this Idea out there.. because like I said.. I have had 0 issues with Square.. they have been perfect. SO my idea is.. Could you have downloaded a Fake Square app? One that looks like square.. runs the card.. and then doesn’t pay out? All these people saying the same thing.. and me using them for months now.. has me thinking there could be a fake app out there…. I would try logging into the website.. and checking your processed history.. if it doesnt match then you have a major issue, and must contact all of those customers because there info has been compromised

        • Rstahl

          Who are you? I would like something for my business in canada

      • Jared

        I have been using Square for 4months now.. and payments are always deposited in no less than 4 business days.. I charge about 4-5 payments a week.. sometimes deposits are a combined total of 2-3 payments I have received over the course of that time.. but that’s it.. that is about as bad as Square has been for me.. and Its is totally not a scam.. couldn’t be farther from it

      • Rick

        I LOVE Square up. It’s the best thing I have done for my business. There have been 2 minor glitches since I have been using the reader but they have been dealt with effectively

      • Clyde1947

        I have been using square regularly, and have had no problems.I do want to say that square does have customer service and are one of few company’s that actually responds to e-mail.

    • Mitch501

      Great idea. Lousy company. I tried Square Up. I did three transactions, had a problem with one. And that’s when I learned they have no customer support. They say they will respond in 24 hours, they did, by assigning me a number and asking for account info. That was the last I heard from them. I’ve emailed them almost every day for going on 2 weeks. Nothing. But they collect their fees real well. Just hope you never need to communicate with them. I think it’s little more than a boiler room operation.

    • Geoff

      I have real life experience with Square.  Initially I thought it was great and it probably is if 1) you do not do much volume and 2) do not use more than one card reader at a time.  I use several readers and send them out on jobs that are taking place at the same time.  All the charges are lumped together and I can not differentiate which clients paid what as there are no sub-accounts possible.  The other thing which is horrific accounting-wise, is that the batch the charges out at 10AM!!!  This means that if you take charges at 9am from  a customer and also some after 10AM from the same customer, the charges before 10AM are batched out  at a different time from the ones after 10AM.  Again, for me this is an accounting nightmare and SQUARE has been no help whatsoever.  Low volume, works great.  High volume, check out gopayment, which I have just applied for.  They have sub accounts and they batch out at 2AM.

      • DebbieM

        Please please do not use gopayment. I have been waiting for my 1900 for 10 days. I m a small catering business and i need the money to produce my jobs. Scam scam scam… Very scary how there doesnt seem to be a reputable card processing company out there. Square vs gopayment… Scam vs scam i would say. Intuit gopayments customer service line blows. In two days waited over 3hrs to get ahold of someone. This country is falling apart. We are allowing these boiler room companies to run our small businesses into the ground. The small businesses that make up our America. I must say i m very disappointed.

    • Ron Pcdesigns

      I am a SQUAREUP customer – or used to be!  Don’t waste your time and risk your money with those amateurs.  ZERO customer service…they hold funds arbitrarily…unreliable service…unbelievable that they’re still in business.

    • JD

       If you want customer service then you don’t go with Square, Intuit or Paypal Here, they are the flat monthly fee leaders.  They are great software but it depends on your business. Are you making lots of sales then you want a lower cost solution / option but they are great for low ticket sales. 

      The only other issue we had is that the reader doesn’t plug into our cell phone or iPad with a case on.  It was not good for a while; but we did find an audio extension cable that saved our lives.  We broke 5 ipads and now we don’t as we don’t have to take the case off.  We went to CellPay Accessories and they saved our lives

    • Sonny

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SQUARE! I am a small business and have NEVER had a dispute or charge back in 3 years I have been accepting cards. I used to be with Merchant Warehouse… but Square seemed ‘new and cool’… I closed my Merchant account and went with Square. THE WORST… AND ONLY MISTAKE I HAVE MADE WITH MY BUSINESS! They happily take your money after you sign up on their ‘ever-so-sexy’ website… but then it’s like talking to a brick wall! I simply have questions… no disputes… and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get these people to call you or to get in touch with them. IT’S LIKE DEALING WITH SOME COMPANY IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY! Heck… at this point I’d be ecstatic speaking to a human being in a call center in Bangladesh! Their service is DISGUSTING! i AM ABOUT TO CLOSE MY SQUAREUP ACCOUNT AND GO BACK TO Merchant Warehouse. Today is 8/20/2013… I just emailed them. And I’m going to call Merchant Warehouse tomorrow to reopen my account…

      • Locksmithy

        if you have business credit history, you can do far better than these “payday credit card providers”, which best serve the low volume, low avg ticket user. if you have fair volume per month and have good credit, you can do far better with a traditional processor, including the mobile device and website portal. I switched to TSIS last week, because ELAVON started padding the interchange rate, which violated my agreement. NOW my rate should be about 2.0% visa/mc/discover. 20.00/mo provides a Verifone mobile cell based device, or I could get a plug-in device for cell phone or pad, and it includes the e-commerce portal… at the SAME rates.

        So I am NOT advertising any firm, but 24/7/365 LIVE HUMAN support is as important as price. I will not settle for non-service on hopes things will be ok.

        Also, NO TIME CONTRACTS.

        TSIS is associated with my regular bank… I was hesitant to even listen to their pitch…. as I get constant spam and cold calls from cc processor brokers. But this was legit, and they are working on about a .125% over cost rate….. that is one eighth of one percent.

        • http://www.bottomlinesconsulting.com/ Lynda Colter-Bergh

          TSYS is like every other. You have to make sure your agent gives you the rates expected. Sounds like you have pretty good rates, Locksmithy. Sonny, Merchant Warehouse, as you already probably know, has no termination fee. Depending on who you go through as a rep, you can get your Authorize.net for much less going through Merchant Warehouse. Again, rates depend on the rep. You may or may not get the same rates going direct. Mobile payments can be done through them to get the same rates. I recommend Interchange Plus to take advantage of Durbin Debit Cards (big bank debit cards). They are .05% wholesale (or Interchange). Tack on the “Plus” to get your rates. Generally, I do .30 unless you are high risk with .10 transaction fees. I can vary one or the other depending on ticket size to maximize your savings and not have them creep up on pricing. Saving on Authorize.net for online sales can really reduce your overall fees for on-line transactions.

          If you are a small business that doesn’t do any on-line sales, then I recommend Phone Swipe. I DON’T recommend you download the app and set up an account that way. You may get their regular rates and be charged inappropriately. I use this company for the Boy Scouts and it works well. The rates when I set it up are 2.69% for swiped (including AMEX) and 3.49 + .19 cents per transaction for keyed. No monthly fees. The swipe is free. Even if you have a regular account, it’s a great way to accept AMEX without their monthly fees or to be able to accept payments at events.

          In addition, if you are selling on-line and truly want to market your items and get reports that show your true ROI for campaigns, you should check out AllProWebTools.com. I’ve been working with this company for many of my clients as well as with Web Developers and Marketers – all of whom love that this is a one-stop shop for their businesses. Feel free to contact me for more details.

  • Hotdommom7

    I have both gopayment and square and i like about gopayment are the rates are cheaper and you can see transaction history. I like square because it looks more advanced, but it’s not, it was just developed newer looking. You can’t see history of transactions in the app, you need to go online. Therefore you can’t void immediately like you can with gopayment which is crucial if you have a customer in front of you. maybe they’ll update this. hopefully!

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Yeah in app refunds would be nice.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4EZYE4BVWUG6OGXGJ7YFYD6HAA S

    How do they do receipts with square? I saw with gopayment that you can enter the customers email address to send them an email receipt. Does square offer this or something similar?

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      The square does beautiful email receipts! Probably much better looking than the gopayment ones.

  • zoogdev

    I’ve been trying for over 6 months to get a Square reader. NOT. Square SUCKS!! I’m beginning to think they’d rather you key in so as to collect higher fees. I wouldn’t do business with this company now if they sent 10 readers!

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Have you contacted them to see why they have not sent a reader to you yet?

      Or what is their reason for not sending one?

      • Mitch501

        Don’t bother. No way to contact them. They have email only and they don’t respond.

  • Renee

    Has anyone located a customer service telephone number for Square? I need to see if there is any way to receive my card reader FAST, as I have a trade show next week. I’m sure it’s impossible, but I’d like to at least try. Unable to find a phone number for them, however…

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Do you know anyone you can borrow one from? I borrowed one from my friend
      the other day and it works.

      • Guest

        that is is the dumbest comment i’ve ever heard of. Why would anyone “lend” you a reader?

        • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

          I guess you don’t have friends.

        • Guest

           I’d say the dumbest comment Renee posted is the one saying, “I need to see if there is any way to receive my card reader FAST, as I
          have a trade show next week. I’m sure it’s impossible, but I’d like to
          at least try.” What bonehead would wait until the last minute to set up credit card acceptance. No wonder Renee doesn’t have any friends they can borrow a reader from!

    • Lillie Revere

      If you don’t mind spending $9.99 at Best Buy or The Apple store, buy yourself one.There are no phone numbers for Square . Only e-mail contacts. Also Square does not deposit money in your account until about 3 days later. They will only allow you $1000.00 monthly  in charges so if you charge $5000.00 the money will be spread over a period of 5 months.

  • http://www.15minutesofframe.com Kaipo

    I’ve used square for the last two months. Had no problems using it (although if charging AMEX, you gotta wait almost 30 days – at least for me it did – without any upfront cash). When using Visa/MC about $1001 transferred to my bank within 3 days. The balance i have to wait 30 days. It’s a bit of a pain, but way better than using the monthly fee’d terminal I had for 6 years!

    Also, as far as customer service: they mailed my reader to me really quickly. Then when it arrived, it was just the envelope! Nothing inside (and it was sealed) – weird. I emailed them my situation and in two days, they sent me another envelope and the reader was inside! I’ve no big problems with Square. They’ve been good to me…

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui


    • Mitch501

      Just hope you don’t have a problem where you need to contact them. They don’t respond.

  • Tom

    when i signed up for square in october square told me they would get me a card reader as soon as possible. so far they have failed to deliver one…i write this 2/15/2011. multiple email requests through their website have gone unanswered. in the meantime, they make more money on each transaction because the fees are higher for transactions that are keyed in. what a surprise.

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      That is a bummer… I hope they resolve that with you soon!

      For me… I still have not received the GoPayment reader… just
      waiting patiently for it!!!

      • Amy

        Hi Lan, my name is Amy and I work at Intuit and am sorry to hear you have not received your card reader. It should have arrived within days of your redemption. I contacted our support team and they are resending you a unit today. You should expect to receive it in the next few days. If you do not, feel free to contact our live support team at 800-558-9558.

        • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

          Wow, I’m glad you took the initiative and took care of this for me! I just
          got an email saying it is ordered.

          • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

            I also finally got it in the mail! Did a test transaction for $1 and I’ll try using it next time I need to charge a client.

  • afif

    hi there. i am trying to get a hold of square via the phone. anyone know their number.
    i have not had much luck in returned emails for the last three weeks about getting some more readers.
    anyone know a phone number to call.

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      I don’t know the phone number…

    • Mitch501

      They don’t have a phone number. Just a couple of hippies in a boiler room collecting fees is my guess. No email responses either.

  • Beau

    Square recently (about 2 weeks ago) lifted the 15 cent per transaction charge .. so the only fee is the 2.75%.. NO EXTRA FEES.. my wife runs a nail salon & the 2.75% fee is right in line with the credit card processor (actually, the processor charges about 1.71% but when you add all the extra fees — and they are numerous — it’s right at 2.7%.. if you then add the monthly phone line charge, however, the old-style credit card machine is MORE than 2.75%..).. we still use the old-style credit card machine with the built-in receipt printer because my wife really, really likes the instant-paper-receipt.. i prefer the cool-ness of square, and you can text a receipt as well as email a receipt.. my wife also complains about the small screen of a cell phone when using square, but with tablets available like the ipad, screen size is no longer the issue.. check out this pic in a pcmag article about how a business is using an ipad in conjunction with square:


    I am currently looking for a widget or other way to print a receipt immediately from square; so far i’ve been unsuccessful.. conceptually, when square asks if you want to send a receipt via text or email, i envision an app that captures the receipt and sends it wirelessly to my wireless printer.. heck, i’d even settle for a wired connection from my phone or tablet to a printer.. anything that frees me from a credit card processor’s machine AND contract AND painfully confusing fees WHILE still keeping it competitively priced is a welcome business tool.. so, anyone know of a way to print a square receipt?? and thanks, lan, for this post!

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Thanks for this comment!

      I’m so glad square changed their fees! That is awesome. It is also great how simple it is to email receipts but maybe they can offer an airprint option!?!?!

      That would solve everything for you!

    • Sir GoodEnough

      We simply have business cards made up for this and simply write on them what the amount is.  Instant reciept.  Also know that once you enter the email or text from a customer for that card, square keeps that and the next time they use square they don’t have to enter it, merchant just pushes send the receipt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1041717040 Amy Jentoft Hussar

    Square needs to have a customer service phone number. It’s bad business not to. I’m going to stay far away.

    • Mitch501

      Great idea. Lousy company. I tried Square Up. I did three transactions, had a problem with one. And that’s when I learned they have no customer support. They say they will respond in 24 hours, they did, by assigning me a number and asking for account info. That was the last I heard from them. I’ve emailed them almost every day for going on 2 weeks. Nothing. But they collect their fees real well. Just hope you never need to communicate with them. I think it’s little more than a boiler room operation.

  • Jmurray14

    I run a small business and use Square to process credit cards. Aside from having no customer service presence, keep in mind that if you do transactions exceeding $1000 in a week with Square, you won’t see the rest of your money for a month! And there is nothing you can do as they hold on & collect interest on your funds. As a small business you need your money to maintain operations. Very frustrating!!!

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Yes it’s a bummer about the $1,000 a week limitation… but it is very clear during their signup process. I am guessing this is a system they need in place to avoid too much liability in fraud. As a startup themselves, they are trying to get things going!

      We try to only use it up to the $1,000 on the main account, then we have a secondary account set up and will charge it there if we have to go over. Since there are two of us that works well, I don’t know how you’d go about setting that up if it’s just you. Good luck!

    • Jencan

      Do you know why they hold this money? I just ran two transactions for $1119.50 and they are only depositing $2002. Holding over $153 of mine until Nov 1st??? Doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t say anything about it on their web-site. I would not recommend square to anyone. What a dis-appointment…

      • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

        Actually it says that they do this in all of their documentation when you sign up and on the site. They will only process a certain amount of money immediately, and any additional funds go into hold for a month. That’s their entire business structure and helps limit their fraud liability.

  • http://profiles.google.com/benrush Benjamin Rush

    Square Inc. = NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT!
    I’ve only had two transactions so far, and I’m running into trouble with my Square Inc. account, and there is no number and no email for customer support. I’ve combed their site and the internet and there is NOTHING! Lame-sauce!
    GoPayment (from Intuit) = CUSTOMER SUPPORT, YES! I’ve conducted no transactions yet, but I look forward to using their service so that I can compare.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Hi Benjamin.

      Actually if you go into the help section, type a question, then scroll to the bottom of the list of responses, there is a link to send them an email. Then you get an email form you can send them. It’s not the cleanest way to email a company, but like most companies they are likely overwhelmed with non-support emails (regular FAQ type questions) so they put up a layer of protection before you can just email any question that comes to mind. Not the best way to do things when there is no obvious way to get in direct contact, I agree, but that seems to be the choice they made.

      You can also tweet at them at @SqSupport. It looks like they respond quite quickly there as well.

      Also I’ve emailed them a few times and they have always responded within the 24 hours they claim… so I think they’ll get back to you quite quickly.

      • Locksmithy

        First time posting, so I might come off as a dumbass.

        I was looking for a replacement for terminal based processing, because it seems the entire CC industry, once service driven system, with providers falling over themselves to take care of merchant’s needs, and at a reasonable rate; has devolved in synch with the Airlines. The parallel is astounding.

        So with the PCI SCAM, and it is a SCAM because the SAME Processor ELAVON  charges a non compliance penalty of 29.99 a month plus an undetermined annual fee… switch to Costco by Elavon, no compliance requirements… it was invented by the consortium that represents all the processors…. and the 35.00 a year per account net cost for PCI is used as a leverage to extract whatever that processor says they are “required” to charge.

        OK, so the Bank-Based CC firms are legal…. but inventing ways to steal our money. Reward Cards… remember when the rewards were not a 5% cash back, and it was the CC companies that absorbed those costs from their profits? I guess it was about 6 years ago, they got inventive, and came up with a scam to make the merchants pay it, without consent. Corporate and GOV cards…. non qualified transactions with surcharges…

        So here I am, looking at alternatives that are not bank-based…. they see the golden goose ( merchants ) were being fleeced more like sheep… so they invent an ap and a low cost reader, and open shop…. but the more I look at Square, the more I am seeing the BAD CREDIT USED CAR DEALER business model…. lots of promises and shiny cars…. but the screw comes later. There is no recourse, they can change the rules, or interpret them as they wish, They can take any amount out of bank account on a whim and call it a security deposit.

        The problems and answers I read, remond me of the problems with Google Places and Google Maps… no way to get Google to address massive fraud, other than an automated email system that does not handle the problems at all. Yet they have humans to administer ADWORDS, which draws REVENUE from many who commit fraud by manipulating Google Places… so similar…

        This whole thing either will blow up, or become self-regulated by GOOD companies fixing the business model, charging .1% more, and selecting merchants that have a credit history.

        IF the airline comparison, Google or the Bad Credit car sales analogy does not feel right, how about the pawn shop or payday loan store ?

        As one shopping for better, legit, civilized payment solutions, I have not gotten too far. Yet been in business for 30 years


        • B Stern

          Yes, the PCI (security compliance) scam is infuriating. I have used a processor that was great for two years and now they are piling on the fees. They added a minimum monthly fee — and  PCI fee is now up to $99 every year. Rewards cards fees eat up profits faster than you can say ‘blood from a stone.’

          I am looking at alternatives, too. I have applied for Merchant Anywhere. $25 a month for mobile AND website. Downside is buying the $300 swiper/printer. Upside is no gateway or other monthly fees beyonfd the $25. I can integrate a number of different shopping carts on my site using M.A. I am cautiously optimistic.

          I signed up for Square for use with my Android phone. Square is a poor solution for me because they insist on being ‘paperless.’ I think I could buy an iPad and a printer, but I don’t see good info – certainly Square doesn’t offer any support online for this printing a receipt approach. My face-to-face customers are older than average in age and want a paper receipt, not an email.

          Good luck

      • John Link

        I don’t see any email form. Is it still there? If so, where?

      • olybiz

        Not sure if you have used square lately but I have been using them for over a year processing thousands of dollars.  The amounts are always over $5000.00, never a problem.  Last Fri I processed $3700.00 which is lower than what I normally do.  Got an email stating acknowledgment and another email stating that only $2002.00 of the $3700.00 was deposited (minus their fees of course).  Looked into it and found out they are holding the rest for 30 days.  No reason.  No warning.  I’ve done my research and found out that they collect interest on it and/or day trade with it.  Not cool.  I called the number that I tracked down on a complaint blog and it is automated and tells you to go to their website..then hangs up on you.  Total scam.  So sad.

        • Meh

          That part is not a scam, it’s well posted in the User Agreement when you sign up. I guess somebody didn’t read the agreement?

  • LP

    I am debating on switching from quickbooks credit card to square. After adding all the fees and such, the quickbooks is about 4.11%. Quickbooks is ending support for this for 2008 edition soon so I would have to upgrade to QB 2011 to continue.
    Does square deduct the fees before or after depositing money into your account?
    Has anyone tried to integrate the payments into quickbooks from square?

    • Locksmithy

      Even if you are not in love with Intuit as a company, you will love the product compared to 2008. The search facility up to 2010 was Google… worked pretty well, but is not windows 7 compatible. 2011 has an all new, better, faster stronger, not googly  powerhouse search engine

      In 2011 the “Company Snapshot” gives you awesome tools to understanding your business, without the multiple step process of creating customer reports… it is highly visual with a suite of graphs and reports. Not perfect, but when used with a certified, tested bookkeeper or accountant, you can have the good part of QB, without dealing with intuit much at all. GoPayments reports should download to QB for reconciliation, but that is what the online support person typed back, after my 35 question marathon with them today.

      I heard of a processor from a music instrument store that swears he pays only 2.25% EFFECTIVE RATE for all cc/debit card transactions. I am going to see if he would let me see a statement to see what either he is misunderstanding, or that I am missing out on. He said firm is called PPI, but I only can find a software integration for CC processing firm by that name, not a processor.

  • Jgrazianonc

    I bought one last week at the Apple Store, set up two accounts. One of them they debited $128 from my Checking account! It is still in the pending status at my bank, they said if it posts to call back and it will go to the bank’s fraud department.

  • Mneumar

    I have a square account for the last 3 months and just had a issue with my phone. I have a hauwie m860 with andriod 2.1 my phone has a 2.5mm jack and the swiper has a 3.5mm end on it. i went to the fli market and baught a adapter for my phone and i still can’t use it. the phone see’s it but, i can’t swipe credit cards. I emailed Square to ask them if they will have a 2.5mm swiper and they said no. they also told me i needed a 4 pin adapter. Does any body knows if this is true? By the way i get a response with in 24 hours. i have only done 3 transactions with them and got the money into my bank account within 3 days. Also i have Metro PCS and run on 1X tower speed. could this be the problem also?

  • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

    I would like to Sell these in Mexico, can I become your distributor please, or how does this internets work?

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Oh yes. I need Mexico distribution of “my” product!

      Please make me a check for $100,000 dollars and I will send you a starter kit right away!

      • Grannia58

        What is “your” product?

  • Anonymous

    So Vu Bui, how has your experience been with intuit?  I am researching both and have received no responses to my emails from square.  Whether you want to call them a scam or just a horrible company, I’ll not be using them.  But I am still interested in your experience with intuit.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Actually I haven’t used Intuit at all. I don’t think Lan has either (but he can correct me if I’m wrong). It was a real pain for him to get the reader and I don’t know if he’s had an opportunity to use it.

      My experience with Square has still been perfect. My transactions ranged from $1 to over $500 (I haven’t done THAT many) and all went through without a hitch and the only times I’ve contacted customer service was because of this blog post and the responses we have gotten in the comments… they always answered me within their stated 24 hours (usually within just a few hours) but they have decided so far to NOT address anyone directly on this post or in the comments.

      That’s their choice, even though I think it’s a poor one, considering how many people have come here to leave terrible comments about their service.

      • Jensgsp

        I have 2 Square readers now after twice setting up an account – have the app, am all ready to swipe – but have tried and tried and, no luck. Nothing goes through. You can’t make changes or even see your account info to see what might be the issue. I contacted customer service who couldn’t tell me why it wasn’t working but said I could set up a new account which I did and, guess what? Still nothing. Square doesn’t care about helping people get functional on their service seems like.

  • Mneumar

    I never had a problem and I had a android phone and now have a I phone4

  • bloomgirl

    I set up an account with them last night. They needed my biz info/address and then all of my personal info/address as the biz owner.
    When I send a receipt to a customer…a map of my personal address shows up on the receipt instead of the biz address I provided. ARGH!
    There is nowhere on the website to change this. I have emailed with no response yet. Really hate the NO PHONE NUMBER thing…doesn’t make sense unless you are trying to avoid your customers. 

  • Jerica

    Square has NO customer service if you have an issue (which i have). They only provide you with an e-mail address which they dont respond to. my hair dresser uses square and square charged me the payment which i owed him plus two bogus charges of $140 each back to back . . . ive seen alot of complaints from several different square users with the same issue as i have. i would NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO USE SQUARE!

  • Enigma

    What is ridiculous? The fact that you seem to defend them or that the company seems to be having the same issues month after month or……?  I just started a new business and am looking my options.  As of the 4th of July 2011, which company would you recommend?

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      If by defend them you mean state that in my experience with the company and everyone that I actually know… not random anonymous internet commenters, but people I know in person… the service is excellent and we have all had good experiences then yes, I’m defending them. 

      I’m not saying it’s for everyone, and I’m not saying that all the people who have complained here on this blog post are liars or wrong, but I haven’t had a single issue. I’m not the type of person to give too much credence to anonymous testimonials. Having worked in customer service and tech support I know better than to think that everyone who says they have an issue knows what they are doing. At all. User error is typically much more likely than a problem with any given service.

      I haven’t used Intuit. Lan got an intuit reader (finally) and ran a test transaction through it and it worked fine. I still prefer the Square interface and reader so I have stuck with Square. I don’t use it every day, in fact I only use it at max a few times a month. I have had zero issues with Square aside from the fact that they don’t want to give me an official response to post here on this blog post.

      I suggest you get both readers (they were free before though I don’t know if Intuit’s is still free, at the time they said it was a limited time offer) and run tests on them both and see which one you like. If you’re uncomfortable dealing with a company that doesn’t offer a CS phone number then the choice is clear. I myself don’t use CS phone numbers as I prefer email or live chat options so that I can have a written dated record of the communication… so the lack of phone support is not an issue for me.

      Also, for future reference, if you’re asking someone for advice you might NOT want to start your comment by being an obviously unappreciative jerk about it.

      • Diana B.

        You say it is probably use error, but how can a user learn what they are doing wrng if there is no customer support for them. They must get a support staff!!!

  • http://twitter.com/BusyDating Busy Dating

    I have been using Square for a few months and love it. I sell jewelry and I am never in the same place each day. Any questions have been taken care of either from their FAQ page or by asking a question to them directly on Twitter. (go figure right ;-) I can see why so many seem to be frustrated with the lack of customer service or getting a live person on the phone, however based on my experience I will recommend Square to every small business person I know.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H6B6JPRURIJ6JAKPPIRIZV4NHA Joshua

      You mentioned getting a live person on the phone; I assume you have a phone number to customer service at Square?  Would you mind posting that phone number?  Thank you!

  • Jason Helm

    Just to throw some info into this conversation, my wife has been using square for a few months now and had our first issue with a client denying a charge.  We did however find a number to contact them on another forum and they are taking action assisting us. the number we located is 415-375-3176.

    • Brass

      Jason, Thank You for posting this number. Stored it in my phone. Used Square for about 3 months and love it! People complain about no number, try find a customer service for T-Mobile or any other phone company.

    • Brass

      Jason, Thank You for posting this number. Stored it in my phone. Used Square for about 3 months and love it! People complain about no number, try find a customer service for T-Mobile or any other phone company.

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Thanks for posting this.

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Thanks for posting this.

  • Craighoward

    I just found this thread, and of course… I have an experience and an opinion.
    I had a *terrible* experience with GoPayment. Others have mentioned the fine print BS, and no reader showing up. I finally got ahold of customer service after waiting a couple of weeks, and was treated like a moron. Eventually the CSR promised to send a card reader…nothing happened. Called again, another borrred customer service person… eventually promised to get a reader out to me. Nothing.  Last week I called again, got a very nice person, and a promise to get that card reader right out via UPS. 10 days later, nothing. So now I went through the hoops to cancel with them; they require a letter or a fax (fax?!) to cancel.
    I signed up with Square in, literally, 2 minutes. Now, of course, I haven’t tried them yet. But we’ll see if I get a reader! I do have one friend who uses Square who’s been really happy. I hope that’s my experience.
    Again… it’s all for what it’s worth. Opinions are free, and almost as valuable.

  • DC

    I will speak as an user of both.

    Enrollment: Both are extremely easy, in fact, i had several questions with intuit and they called me right away and answered all my q’s, to the point i did my enrollment through the phone and their customer service agent was beyond excellent.
    I had a few q’s towards squareup and they did e-mail me quite quickly too, responding to all my q’s.

    I did however, hate that they have no contact number.

    Delivery: I received my free intuit within days, the packaging was a yellow envelop, nicely padded with all information inside, what i did like was that the gadget itself comes in a small transparent carrying case, which is great for protection when put on a bag, purse, etc…
    My squareup arrived rather quickly too, the packaging is visually stunning, as well as the inside of it. The gadget is well protected in it’s packaging squared foam. The only con is that is has no case to carry it with, which is no mayor since its quite small, but it is a sensitive gadget so you should fine a nice hard case for it.

    Both have worked wonderful for me, i’ve had no problem what so ever with neither one. But in all reality and like with any product, they will work differently depending on the person needs and likes. Intuit will work for some people better, and squareup will work better for others, so for someone to compare them they would have to do it based on their own experienced with the product.

    This was a very good customer based post, i really appreciate you posting this.

    • Shouvik

      hi I opened my Account with Sqare and they didnot send me the device and chared 49 every month,NO phone no anywhere to call,  i have reported to my BANK as fraud and they are taking action.
      this kind of customer service is not acceptable

      drop sqaure you will save time money and Headache.


    • Dexx

      I called square today and not only was my call answered in under a minute without having to go through a blockade of options but the real person on the phone quickly and easily fixed my problem. I was feeling like I got duped when I had a problem and tried to figure it out with their online help. After reading all the negative feedback from people on blogs like this one I really was going to give up on them. All it took was a phone call and I can say it was one of the better customer service experiences I have had.

    • Jerry567

      mine came in 2 days….same way..

  • Alexandra

    Oh thank god someone put up the number for square!!!  it’s fine until there is a problem.  I’m not getting all my funds – WAY more than 2.5 or 3.5 plus 15 cents being taken out.  call the number – goes to voice mail!!

    this really blows.  Not worth it if they don’t help you when you need it.  might have to join the flame community against square – after weeks of touting them!


  • Grannia58

    Are their any other comparable services like square and gopayment, that do have good CS and don’t hold funds?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MAR2R33MFVY2SPDDY5NAVATQ3Y Ty

      Payjunction Trinity.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MAR2R33MFVY2SPDDY5NAVATQ3Y Ty

      Full disclosure, I am a rep for them.

  • Alec

    Square is better

  • Pearlconstructionanddesign

    mi issue with gopay is that my initial phone conversation with customer service i specifically asked if i could accept amex, they said yes, that they would set it up that way. 3 days later payment declined (customer wondering what the hell is going on) more phone calls to intuit and im told 2-3 business days. 7 days later i can accept amex, but my limit now is 1250, cant process the payment because i have to wait another 2-3 days (has been 6 days so far and no limit change) to increase my weekly limit. Solution: put go payments free reader in the night stand and keep using the square.

  • Thecrew1974

    I am considering using the squareup for our business but is there a product that has come recently available to small business owners besides the gopay?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it seems really vicious in here.  I have been in business since 1988 (23 years) and have stayed away from credit cards because for the most part there were no portable readers.  We have a janitorial / housecleaning business in the Seattle (Wa) area and are finding that people have no cash (by check) but have credit.  We were told by an acquaintance about Squareup but wonder if this would work for us.  Half of our jobs regularly exceed $ 1,000.00 (vacant cleaning, with wood floor rejuvenation, windows; you know, the whole 9 yards to prep a house for market).  Until we actually go to the job site, we have no idea what is in store for us (well a little idea because of our questioning them about the particulars of their house); but actual cost sometimes is undetermined until measurements are done, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Squareup sounds like they hold on to too much money for too long.  Any suggestions about alternatives or work arounds?    Also I am an old dog and just now have a phone with internet access (Samsung Intensity II); will anything work on it or do I have to get a new phone also?

  • Meo29

    Extension 1291 at Square is forwarded to a workers cell phone. After days of ignoring my emails and voicemail he calls ME rude for calling so early. Well, buddy – put a damn number on your website and return respond to customer’s emails and voicemails and you won’t get woken up.

    Phone gets forwarded = mangement or IT staff?

  • Celeste

    SquareUp has extremely poor customer service.  I am in e-mail communication with someone named Frances who doesn’t understand my messages.  I wrote SquareUp to ask why SquareUp will not launch in my area.  I’ve told Frances in 3 e-mailsthat I have Wi-Fi on, location services on, and airplane mode off.  Yet she writes back and tells me to turn on Wi-Fi and to turn on location services.  How do you deal with someone like this?  I just called 415-375-3176 and was transferred to a voicemail message.  It is a red flag that they have no contact phone on their website, but their marketing is slick as black ice and I fell for it.  Apparently Squareup doesn’t care whether you can actually use their product or not.

    • SanJerScents

      If we are not mistaken, the 415 area code given for the SquareUp contact number is based in Canada. Be very careful in dealing with companies in other countries.

  • Surley2300

    square sucks they are ripping me off and not giving my hard earned money in 24 hours as promised. No customer service and endless emails still no deposit into my account. 

  • Duks78

    how do i contact square

  • Littlebookoflove

    I love your blog…thank you for all that real life wonderful information…. I have had some questions recently about the square and this came in handy…request…can you do something to make your blog more readable…blame it on my semi-old eyes, but I really had to struggle with the white font on the black background…a lot of it was gray and I don’t think that was my eyes…lol  keep up the good work!

  • LyndaCB

    So, a shameless plug…  If you are taking in more than $500 a month, you should check with a Merchant services professional (and know what questions to ask so you don’t get ripped off with hidden fees and equipment leases).  There is a break-point between $500 and $1,000 a month when it costs more to accept charges from a service that charges a flat rate like the ones mentioned.  This break-point varies based on the equipment you use (or if it is totally on-line), your number of transactions a month and their average amount, and how you are charged for fees.  (Interchange Plus is almost always the least expensive way for a merchant to go.)  

  • John Link

    I’m not able to find an email form for Square. Does it still exist? If so, where?

  • Basillewis

    Square VS. Go payment
    I have both and if I can avoid not using either then I will. However at times I travel to tradeshows and it is vital to offer credit card services to customer, especially if you are traveling outof the U.S.
    With that being said Square only works in the US and and according to gopayment, the processing feature works in Canada.
    Well after two days at a tradeshow in Canada and arriving back in the US on the third day. I received a call from gopayment that my charges would be on hold and I have to submit bank statement, valid US ID and at least two bills that come to my house. I submitted all of the documents and called twice a day for three days. Each day my file and funds were being processed. On the third day I was told that I should always give a writen receipt to all customers to prove I sold them merchandise! That is crazy since the customer signs electronically and a receipt is sent directly to the customer via e-mail. Gopayment claims this would never happen again since I have submitted all information. However I have not attempted their service since July 2011. I have not had an issue in the US with Square, but I am aware of the customer service issues and the long holds on the accounts if the charge is greater than $500 and or if have been a customer for less than 1 year.
    At least you can get a person with gopayment although it can be frustrating, it is still better than no support at all.

  • Benjamin

    if you type in numbers like 122 or 133 and so forth right when you dial into Square Up, then it will reach the MOBILE PHONE VOICEMAIL of workers at square and they tend to help you quicker with support issues.

  • Elite shine inc

    I operate a cleaning company in north carolina, Elite Shine, inc.
    I have used both Square and intuit go payment. In my opinion square has a better product. Intuit go payment has high hidden fees for transactions etc. intuit does have better customer support but I use only square now. I just think they are a better service when you look at the overall picture.the only thing that bothers me with square is the fact that it takes 3 days for the transactions to deposit into your bank account.

  • http://about.com/vubui Vu Bui

    Wow, looks like you should fire your lawyer. 

    You can watch my Twitter, Facebook, Google+, this blog, my blog, my tumblr, Foursquare… it’s pretty clear who we are and even where we are at all times.

    Please keep me abreast of the new information you find, especially any info pertaining to me being “associated with square.com”. 

    I don’t like to throw around insults online unless they are really deserved, but you and/or your lawyer are just plain dumb. We are so associated that we have changed our stance on square.com over the past year to the point that we DON’T support them and have put up their direct number and a record of a TERRIBLE conversation we had with them?

    My favorite part is that “he sent his investigation team to verify their location”. God I hope that you are just joking and that you didn’t actually pay for these “legal services”.

  • Anonymous

    Bui Brothers, did you know this was going to take on a life of its own?  I have just been sitting back for a while reading as I learned as much as I could on this.  First, the Disclaimer:  I work with a merchant services broker, which means I have a lot of options available to me and that there is always more to learn.  So bear with the length of this post.  I know it is long.  But I’m going to offer you a quick course in how we get paid so you will have a better understanding and not pay too much for these services.
    First, you guys  have made for some really great discussion here – better than I have seen on most industry sites.  I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll probably tick a few processors off by telling you what I tell my clients.

    Square is something I don’t recommend due to their poor customer service.  However, if someone is running only a few transactions (maybe $1,000 or less a month) and doesn’t need customer service or the reporting, then it is a viable option.  Keep in mind that since they don’t prescreen anyone (or very few) that they have the right to reserve your funds for a month while they check you out and freeze your account if they suspect anything.

    Most of what you are paying are the fees that the banks that created the cards are charging to run their cards.  (The Durbin Amendment capped what some banks can charge on some cards.) This is the same cost to every processor (whether it’s me or Square).  These are made up of percentages of the sales AND transaction fees.  Then you have the processor fees on top of that.

    Locksmithy hit the nail on the head.  PCI fees are out of control and totally subjective.  It makes me sick when I go into a business that is being charged $25-$30 a month for PCI compliance.  PCI charges are determined by two levels:  the wholesale processing service and the processor (either an independent agent/agency or a Bank).   Banks are the WORST offenders for these fees.  Evalon isn’t far behind.
    I have wholesalers that charge $5-$10 a month or an annual fee (usually less than $30), and ones that don’t charge anything.  Depending on the solution the client needs, I only pass through what the wholesaler charges (if anything).  Usually, I don’t have to because my preferred wholesaler doesn’t charge.  MONTHLY FEES:Fees are very unregulated in this business.  I always discuss with my clients how we get paid so they don’t ever pay too much again and can spot someone walking in their door trying to get unwarranted fees/leases etc.  What is pretty standard:  When you are using a service, you will usually be charged a monthly fee.  (Mine is $10.)  Some processors will charge an annual fee or higher monthly fees or no fees.  If there are no monthly fees, they sure as heck are making them up somewhere else because they are paying them.  These fees are because I can make LESS than $2 a month on an account through processing charges.INTERNET FEES:If you use a Gateway for payments online, you may or may not be charged an additional fee because the Gateway (where you enter your info) usually charges us.  ($5 is usually wholesale.)  If you use a shopping cart, you may have an additional fee that ranges from $15-$25 a month, though I’ve seen them go much higher.  (It should be at the lower ranges.)  Sometimes, to try to keep confusion down, processors will bundle these fees together.  If you use a wireless reader, then you shouldn’t have to pay these fees. PRICING STRUCTURES:We can either charge you Interchange Plus or a Tiered Pricing structure.  The Durbin Act lowered fees for debit/credit cards from certain banks.  You will only see this drop if you are on Interchange Plus.Square (and all the other flat-rate, no fee processors) are on Tiered pricing.  That’s why you aren’t paying a monthly fee.  In addition, you will be charged for transaction fees through most processors.  We are charged them.  Sometimes you pay them in addition to your Tiered pricing.  For instance, you don’t pay if with Square if you swipe the card, but if you manually enter it, you pay 3.5% AND a .15 transaction fee.You may also have a Batch fee if you are on interchange plus because fees aren’t hidden in the tier pricing.THE BOTTOM LINE Bottom Line: If you are doing more than $2,000 a month in Square (or any other flat rate processing service), you are almost certainly paying much more than you would if you use a processor that will charge you Interchange Plus who has low fees.  It’s all in the math.  You should expect customer service. This is a competitive industry.  What Square and the others have done is turn this into a commodity.  But you shouldn’t have to pay to have customer service. If you want to discuss your individual situation, I won’t try to sell you.  I’ll educate you the best I can on your situation.Lynda@myCCMS:twitter .net

    Oh, and Square is in San Francisco. 

    901 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA, 94103-2905, United States  I also found this number.  I haven’t tried it though.I’m sure it goes into an automated system.Phone            +1.415.281.3976      

  • Life Coach

    Thank you for posting a number here. I run a life coaching service and have been caring my little Square with me for over a yr now just waiting to use it. I finally was in a position to use it last Friday and processed a  2,085 payment. I received and email at 1:59 Sunday am stating that there was suspicious activity on my account and they needed more info. I submitted it yesterday and got the auto email saying they will be in contact in 24 hours. I have a HUGE event this weekend professionally and I NEED this money to help pay for it. From a business standpoint I can see wanting to verify however someone in their company should have been on the phone with me yesterday or emailing me back and forth throughout the day till this issue was resolved.

    Anyone have any suggestions to help me work with to get this processed and moving forward? (I did try calling them and they do not open for another 2 hours.)

    • http://about.com/vubui Vu Bui

      I am hoping by now your issue is resolved, I just saw your comment right now. The thing is I think you will only be receiving $1,000 of your full $2,085 unless they have changed their policies. You can only process $1,000 per week and get it right away, everything above that takes 30 days to clear. Good luck man!

  • Ryan

    I would recommend Square – until NOW.  I took many many payments over the past 14 months using Square.  Not one issue until last week.  I took a $500 payment and the funds are just sitting on my account.  I tried to call the number – no support (had to leave a message).  So I tweeted them..  They respond to use their form.  So I use their form and it took 2 days for them to respond back.  All they’d say is my account is under review and they’d get back to me.  They never did.  So, I processed a refund of the $500 and told the customer i’d run it through another portal.  THEY WON’T REFUND THE MONEY BACK TO MY CUSTOMER.  So they’re holding the money.  Personally I think they’re in financial trouble.  I don’t see how that could be but that is the only thing I can think of.  Advise – STAY AWAY FROM SQUARE.  I now have to have the embarassing conversation with my customer to dispute the charge with their credit card company and I’ll probably have to throw some money at them. 

  • David

    I just got of the phone with Square Customer Support. It took me less than 2 minutes to get all the answers I needed, and I spoke to a LIVE PERSON! I have no affiliation with Square, nor am I currently a customer. I simply wanted to make sure I had product support before I became a customer. After my experience today I am convinced that you can at least get in touch with Square… that is, if you know how to use a phone. Hint: You should stay on the line and listen to all of the recorded options. At the end of the recording is the option, “For all other questions about your Square account press 7.” Do that and you will get a person on the line.


  • ericjhenderson

    Thank you so much for this post. I got in contact with them and have a pending resolution. It’s a shame that the very people who cry freedom are the principal ones hiding behind machines and ostensibly shady business practices such as requiring you to sleuth out customer service and accountability. That is stock-in-trade for internet business. So, we will adapt, by searching hard to find threads like yours.

    All best regards,


    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      It does suck that Square has still not made any official response… I’m glad you got a hold of them though!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KWXPPDU4QSUDHBROCK6NNUP6ZY KrazyD

    Such a shame.  Square “gets it” that small merchants would love a processor this elegant.  What they “don’t get” is that merchant processing is a laborious business that lives and dies on customer service, and that starts with a telephone number that is always staffed.  I see nothing but warning signs on the wall, so I’ll pass.

  • Jp

    I had a problem with square not depositing funds all of a sudden to my account! I called the number and left a message to the phone number and they got back to me within 6 hours and resolved the issue for me right away. I give this service a serious thumbs up!

  • P2sullivan

    I have been using Square with no problems, however, I would like to print a receipt with my travel printer (HP Office Jet 100) and the only thing I see on Square’s website is a $500 thermal printer by Star. Anybody have any suggestions? I was thinking I could email the receipt to myself and then try to print through the print bureau app.

  • kathy

    A lot of my friends and fellow gift show vendors have started using square and so far they all are happy with it.  One told me it was hard to change information if you input it incorrectly when signing up, another told me that they got fast response to email if they had issues.  After reading all the negative comments about square’s lack of customer service on this blog, I decide to try gopayment.  I use QuickBooks and TurboTax and have had good service from Intuit.  However, I’m not doing so well with their merchant payment deivision.  I went to sign up on line and the first thing they ask is my social security number.  My business is an S-Corp so that I don’t have to provide personal information.  I called their customer service number and the rep tried to sell me on a different service.  I told her I wanted the gopayment service and we filled out the application over the phone.  However, she still wanted my SSN because Intuit wants me to personally guarantee…I’m not sure what since they get the money first.  The rep did not understand at all when I explained to her that as a corporation, I can’t personally guarantee anything or I lose my corporate status.  She didn’t really get it but she went a head and submitted my applicaton with a dummy SSN.  I got an email the next day saying they needed my SSN and I had to personally guarantee the account.  I faxed them a copy of my EIN from the IRS and my Certificate of Incorporation.  They sent me another email that said they still needed my SSN and my personal guarantee.  The only companies that don’t need someone to personally guarantee the account is a company with a publically traded ticker symbol.  If I didn’t want to pesonally guarantee the account, I needed to fax them 2 years tax returns and P&L statements and 6 months of bank statements.  I’m irritated that they can’t understand the legal issues behind chosing a corporation for a business structure and the legal implications of disregarding that structure.  You’d think a company that makes tax software would be more knowledgable.  I haven’t heard from them yet as to whether they will let me use their processing system.  It has not been easy signing up for it.  I don’t know if square will be any easier about protecting our corporate status but my lawyer has advised that I may have to not use gopayment if I want to keep my corprate status.  I have to say that I’m already disappointed in gopayment and Intuit.  And they do have hidden fees, higher fees for rewards cards and some others.

  • Anonymous

    I just heard about SquareUp a few weeks ago. I have a small fabricating business and needed to take credit cards. A friend got a SquareUp account and told me about it. I went to the site and went through the steps waiting for part where they needed to run my credit,scared. All they wanted was the last for of my social so    I did it and verified myself with the 3 questions and BAM card reader was on its way. 3-7 days is what they told me. 4 days later I recieved my reader and set things up with my bank account. Verified my account with in 2 days and I was ready to take cards. 

    First customer I had wanted to pay with his credit card for 3200.00. Read about the manual swipe limit and the 30 day hold for the rest. The website said that if I was going to be manually using cards that I could in fact request a higher limit. So, I sent them the email off the webpage asking for a higher limit and explaining why. I got the auto response email saying they received my email and would hear something with in 24 hours. I got an email before the 24 hours from them saying the rules for using the card thing(which I already knew and understood). The rep told me that I could in fact raise my limit if I filled out   
    a form(I am guessing a credit app?) I was asked that if I wanted to do that, they would send me the form. Not sure that I am wanting to run credit to raise my limit.

    I did ask why the website did not state that credit would be reviewed to raise the limit, would have stopped me from emailing then and wasting my time and the reps. Still waiting for a response from them.

    I have only swiped 1 card to test things out for 5.00, and tonight i will have the money in my account at the bank. So far so good with SquareUp. Will follow this to see what others are having problems with!!

  • Sqc314

    webpage to contact them via email:

  • Angry Customer

    Sorry but have to agree that this is a scam.  We are a rental company and just started using them a few months ago. They are holding over 20k from our account for God knows how long and we just had a $8000 charge back.  When we tried to reply to the notice, the email BOUNCED. Been calling for days and NO ONE answers.  I have done my last transaction with them. Now I just have to pray that my 20k will eventually be deposited in my account!

    • http://about.com/vubui Vu Bui

      As terrible as I’ve now seen their customer service to be, I still think people throw the word scam around far too easily. This is a now huge business that processes billions of dollars a year, they aren’t a scam, but they definitely have issues with their service and their customer service is terrible. The word scam implies intent, which is a stretch.

  • Chelo75

    I am in the processing world and i have no idea how Square does it, they have to be losing money on some accounts and making money on other accounts.  Or maybe they are building up their portfolio up so they can sell it and make millions and leave the industry.  Then all the merchants will be screwed because whomever buys them will have to raise their rates.

  • Silvial

    Hi Im silvia and we have a foundation helping orphanages in mexico and most donations are through well respected people. Being new to square i took a large amount of donations for the whole month all of which are accounted for and authorized meaning NO FRAUD being that all the doners where friends I gave square a list of there phone numbers also the numbers for the credit card companys and square responded that they are going to hold the money for 6 months now theres several children who already do without thanks to squares greed  and sickness will do without some more I Hate you square and i hope that for doing this to children your company goes down.  

  • Edp

    Thanks for the great website! I have a square and love it! I have had it for over a year. I have the money in my bank in 1-2 business days. Emails answered the same day. I have multiple card readers and they never question why I request multiple ones at the same time. I run about 5-6 a month and you can call them to get your weekly limits raised. Never had any issues with money being lost or held. It’s way better then the merchant service that I used before and less expensive, it’s very user friendly, so simple that my 8 year could do it if I let her.

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui


  • Anonymous

    Square is holding over 35 thousand dollars on our Company account, they say for 90 days. Who knows if we will EVER get it.

    There have been 70 complaints file with the San Francisco BBB alone in the past 12 months.


    They just assume this is O.K. No problem, we don’t need the 35k that we worked so hard for to pay our bills. PLEASE! I have heard from MANY customers who have experienced the same thing.

    If you are reading this, chances are you too have had a problem. Report them to the Following: States Attorney General in California AND your own State (do both), and the BBB.

    They need to be STOPPED!

  • Jeff

    Since there are a number of people who can get a merchant account, and/or run higher volume than these alternative services are really geared toward, is there room to discuss how to get a far better deal on TRADITIONAL PRocessing?

    If So…..

    done with getting my rate changed to INTERCHANGE PLUS .5% ( half
    of one percent ) plus 5 cents per transaction. This is projected, BEFORE
    getting a mobile device, to lower my monthly processing by about 27%.
    This is because I no longer have to deal with TIERED rates, where all
    sorts of things drop you to a worse position. I think myself, Allen
    Murphy and a few others will work the processor to where they will offer
    Interchange-Plus. They claimed on the phone they do not offer it if the
    volume is under 1 million a year. I am about 1/4 that in volume. No
    statement fee, no monthly fee, no escape hatch fee. This is the first time I have been able to nag my way to getting Interchange Plus.This
    is one example of where purchasing as a GROUP benefits over being a
    lone wolf. Vendors line up for access to a group. Less drain brammage.NEXT TASK… Mobile Reader to get the swiped rate on our off-site service sales. Our processor does have readers, but they charge 299.99 setup plus a 5.00 monthly fee….. I am SURE the business review dept can be negotiated with on this. My overall rate is already in between the swipe and hand keyed rate, because I do a decent volume per month. If volume was low, I would use PayPal Here, another variant of Square or GoPayments… but with better service and the abiluity to fund from PayPal, as well as credit cards.With CC Processing, EVERYTHING is negotiable. You just have to learn their lingo, and get the dept that can overide the sales dept pricing. Remember, you are dealing with cubicle-dwellers; most do not care or like their job, but if you get fortunate, you find one that will direct you to the right people who can be of use. If you do not  get help, thank them kindly, dial again… eventually you will get someone more motivated.Jeff

    • Lynda Colter-Bergh

      Jeff, you are on the money (so to speak) with Interchange plus  You don’t have to go through a service to negotiate your processing fees if you know what you are doing and you are working with an experienced processor who works for an ISO that doesn’t have to report to shareholders and is willing to let them go to that level.  And, I agree, you don’t have to run a high dollar amount to get Interchange Plus if you are working with the right rep and processor.  

      As for mobile options, they are out there and can be less than the setup fee noted.  It depends on what you want (i.e. one that prints receipts off of battery or one that simply swipes from your phone and provides a digital email receipt.)

      I do have to take issue with one thing you said.  Interchange is not negotiable.  It is what it is.  The additional fees and the “plus” are what’s negotiable.  Minor technicality.   

  • Cru808tech

    Square is registered to this number per-say the BBB, (415)375-3176, the address for Square Up is 
    901 Mission St. Suite 210, San Francisco, CA 94103, This is what I came up with and still haven’t found how to actually contact a Customer service number. On BBB they are rated with an A-, go figure. 

  • Cru808tech

    http://www.bbb.org/greater-san-francisco/business-reviews/credit-card-merchant-services/square-in-san-francisco-ca-370609, here is a link to the BBB, stating the facts on Square, Check it out. Also wiki pedia has more info on Square as well. 

  • Bigdaddy23464

    I used square up once to handle a credit card charge of more than $5k. Two months later square up sent an email saying I had 15 days to dispute the chargeback. The very next day square up debited my account for the $5K amount. I sent emails to square up showing delivery of the products purchased from my company, and square up has yet to respond. The debit was not paid and my bank charged me $35. Four business days later they charged my account again. Same result and I was charged another $35. I closed the square up account, and closed that bank account. Two business days later square up charged my account again for that amount. I will have to pay the overdraft fee again. Lucky for me, the bank credited two of the three overdraft charges. Square up responded to the close account email faster then they replied to the dispute emails, and 2 weeks later I have yet to hear from them. This is not the best service to use. The banks charge excessive fees to handle credit card charges, so I guess we get what we pay for. Square was free (plus 1.25%), but it has cost me in the end.

  • Markbrosen1

    here is Square’s phone number 1-415-946-4087 

  • Trade Movers

    Square froze my account, closed my account, and paypalled the heck out of me. If some know what I mean then they know that when you are bullied with your money there is an issue. Had intuit for the entire year of 2012 and had no issues and had no monthly fee. The unit the program comes with sucks, but there is not any difference between manual swipe and a swipe. Square just did me in, I have to wait 120 days to recieve a couple thousand after processing 3k. They told me that I have to refund all my customers and asked them for a different method of payment.

  • Semere Tekle

    I need to refund my customer which I accidentally charged him twice.

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