Royal Sonesta wedding video – New Orleans

by Lan Bui on January 24, 2011

Royal Sonesta wedding video New Orleans

I’m here at the Royal Sonesta in New Orleans for the IN[FOCUS] event filmakers event to give a presentation titled “The Gateway to Online Revenue”. We will be in the main ballroom at The Royal Sonesta Hotel tomorrow at 10:45am.

Wedding Video at the New Orleans Royal Sonesta

The Royal Sonesta hotel is a very nice place for wedding videos… I took the panoramic photo above in the lobby and can imagine how awesome a wedding video will be when I shoot a wedding video here.

And that is why I’m making this post. I’d love to make a Royal Sonesta wedding video some day soon. So, if you are getting married here and want an awesome Royal Sonesta wedding video give me a call right away. You can see some other wedding videos we make here.

The best spots in the hotel to do some epic wedding video shots will be in the lobby and just outside the Royal Sonesta on Bourbon Street. Here is a photo of the Royal Sonesta from Bourbon Street:

Royal Sonesta wedding video New Orleans

After shooting some wedding video in the Royal Sonesta I’d love to go out to Bourbon Street to do some motion portraits. We did do some portraits in the streets outside of the hotel yesterday at our lighting workshop. The portraits came out so good I want to come back and do them again… but this time with some motion in them.

Basically, motion portraits are portraits with motion. I like to add them into my wedding videos because they add in an element of portraiture to just plain video. One of our more popular motion portrait videos is the one we did at the Streamy Awards last year.

Ok, so in closing… if you are looking to get married at the Royal Sonesta and found this page because of that… give me a call or check out the following wedding videos we have made recently:

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     If you want to capture your wedding with more than just photos then getting a videographer  could be ideal.

  • Cullen Cash

    That last one made me beautiful.

  • Sean

    Yes it can be very emotional. 

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