Polaroid GL30 at CES 2011 – New Polaroid Grey Label

by Erica Hampton on January 14, 2011

The biggest reveal at CES, at least if you’re measuring in crowd size, had to be the Polaroid Grey Label reveal. I waited patiently for 2 hours plus an extra 45 minutes, standing in the same spot as the crowd grew and pushed in. I was excited and still am to see the new Polaroid. Sure, the reveal by Lady Gaga could have been a little more exciting and I’m still holding a grudge over the destruction of all the old Polaroid machines but I think the new GL30 does a great job of bringing Polaroid into the next generation.

As Lan talks about in the video above, the new GL30 uses Zinc Zero printing technology that produces a pretty good instant print using thermal paper. Each pack comes with the classic 10 prints. You can choose the vintage polaroid border that is so dear to our hearts or other new and fun borders for printing. You can also share your images digitally on the articulating screen. The body is solid and substantial when you hold it, you can even frame up your images like an original land camera or using the articulating screen.

For more on the GL30 and the rest of the Grey Label you can check out the Polaroid website.

  • Tobor74

    Total crap.
    What a shame they thrashed Pic 1000 project for this ugly digital printer…

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