CES from the tradeshow floor

by Vu Bui on January 7, 2011

It’s day 2 here at CES… and we leave today. Sadly, though I have really enjoyed my time here in ways I’ll discuss below, I have to say I’ve been overwhelmingly underwhelmed. That sounded dumb, but it really accurately describes what I feel right now, sitting on the tradeshow floor.

The biggest letdown was perhaps the Lady Gaga / Polaroid announcement. They built a little too much hype and excitement surrounding the announcement… not to mention a crowd that outgrew their booth around 20-fold

I don’t expect that every year we are going to have ground-breaking mind-bending unexpected and hot new technologies… but from everything I’ve seen here I have to say it’s just been at most slightly warmer than room temperature announcements. If last year was the year of 3D, this year is the year of MORE 3D… and somewhat more exciting… 3D without glasses.

Fujifilm and Sony have some cool new 3D cameras that you can shoot while viewing in 3D without glasses. They aren’t the easiest screens to work with, you really have to align your eyes and you lose the 3D view fairly easily (though I suspect this will get easier with practice) but they are something new that’s actually kind of exciting. We actually shot some quick product videos that we’ll release in the next few days giving a quick rundown of each of these cameras.

The best parts of CES, just as with any conference, are the people. I know, I know… you hear the same thing everywhere… but only because it’s true. While I wouldn’t say that CES is the conference to attend to meet people (you’d be much better off attending a smaller conference that caters more to your specific industry or niche), it can work if you’re a tech geek and want to meet people and make connections with vendors and companies and build relationships that you can then foster into the future.

One thing I suck at is follow up, though. I meet people, I like them, I talk to them, connect, bond even… but then I go home and get busy and don’t follow up until the next time I see them at a conference. I might add them on Twitter or Facebook… and we may see each others updates… but it’s a huge failure to start a promising friendship or business relationship then just let it fade away and join the ranks of social media “friends” who never interact much more than the occasional ‘like’ on each others’ Facebook posts.

If I met you or reconnected with you at CES… I am really going to try and keep that going! Otherwise, what’s the point? Well besides looking at a giant wall of Panasonic 3D screens.

Panasonic's wall of 3D

One AWESOME thing I’d like to mention was the time I got to spend writing this post at NBC Universal’s “The Hub” with a FAST hard line connection and comfortable seating and refreshments. Thanks to Anthony Quintano at NBC for inviting us!

The Bui Brothers blogging at NBC

NBC blogging view

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