Camtrol Stabilizers at CES 2011

by Erica Hampton on January 14, 2011

We caught up with Camtrol at CES 2011. Camtrol makes some amazing camera stabilizers for not only large DSLR cameras but smaller cameras and camcorders as well. There are two rigs, the Prime and the Grand. There are also accessories for each that can customize for an iPhone or other comparable pieces.

The Camtrol rigs are not your normal stabilizers, they are highly customizable and adjustable. Popular for the ease of low angle shots they make hand held camera operation a breeze. On top of the accessories the Prime and Grand have adjustable handles and legs that fold out so the rig can be sat on a surface without having to lay it over on it’s side.

Just in case being easily customizable and adjustable isn’t enough for you we don’t want to forget to tell you about the ability to add a thumb controlled remote, so all of your controls are easily accessed when you’re shooting.

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