IN[FOCUS] 2011 in New Orleans (and a photo lighting workshop)

by Vu Bui on December 15, 2010

IN[FOCUS] event

When Chris Jones of the IN[FOCUS] conference contacted us about speaking at the conference we were coming up on our first New Orleans trip ever. PartnerCon was coming up and we’d be speaking there, and we were pretty excited. Even though we could unfortunately only be in New Orleans for 2 days, it’s always great to visit a new city that’s on your list of places to go.

It didn’t take much for Chris to convince us… especially once we heard how he wanted to include us. IN[FOCUS] is an event for wedding filmmakers, which we are a part of (see our short wedding film at The Wedding Boutique)… though it’s most definitely not a prominent part of our business so it wouldn’t make too much sense for us to share our wedding filmmaking experience. Instead we are going to be speaking on using video to make money… but in ways OTHER than as wedding films. You’ll have Kevin Shahinian and Patrick Moreau to take care that!

We’ll talk about shooting behind the scenes videos without hiring additional staff, shooting with the gear you have available, the 3 important things needed to make a video go “viral” and other topics that lead up to using your existing talents with video to make money that don’t involve actually delivering a product to a client (and a few that do).

See the details about all the awesome presenters at IN[FOCUS] and sign up for the conference HERE!

New Orleans Photo Lighting Workshop

As part of our venture with IN[FOCUS] we will also be giving a photographic lighting workshop. If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll already be familiar with these. We focus on two things… getting you familiar with creating a variety of lighting situations and showing you the great results you can achieve with the most inexpensive gear.

This time we’ll have a new treat as well, though… The Flash Centre in London provided us with an amazing Elinchrom Ranger Quadra kit and we’ll have this along with us. They are tiny and portable and ULTRA powerful for their size. We’ll be traveling from LA with these and our usual cheapo kit and will show you how to use both (which pretty much shows you how to use anything).


January 23rd, 2011 from 1pm to 7pm.


The Evangeline Room, Royal Sonesta Hotel

We’ll cover some lighting techniques and gear in class… then go outside and put that knowledge to good use.

See details about the workshop HERE and reserve your seat HERE! It’s only $249 and there are only 20 seats available!

BTS of the above video

The video above was shot with 2 iPhone 4s with audio on an H4n and an H2. Lan’s in LA and I’m in Phoenix right now and we decided instead of our usual Skype recordings we’d do something more fun. It was still quite simple, we shot and recorded it and I dropped the footage and audio into Dropbox and Lan edited it together in FCP.

Gear used: 2 x iPhone 4, Zoom H4n, Zoom H2, Zacuto Z-Grip iPhone Pro, Zacuto Z-Grip Jr., Litepanels MicroPro, 3 x Nasty Clamps and a couple of home depot fluorescent clamp-on lights. Oh and two MacBook Pros. Ok I guess when you list it all out it seems like a lot, but really it’s not.

So here you go… for fun. ;)

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