Drew Gardner’s brown bag video series

by Lan Bui on December 17, 2010

Drew Gardner’s Brown Bag Video Series

The above trailer is an introduction to Drew Gardners behind the photo series that has been named by Strobist blog “Drew Gardner’s Brown Bag Video Series”.

Vu and I had the great opportunity to do all of the production work for this video series. We were hired by Drew to shoot the videos, edit them… and now we worked out a deal with Drew to actually finally get our 5 dollar tutorials website launched!!!

We started 5 Dollar Tutorials last year in hopes of getting video tutorials to people instantly and for a very reasonable rate… After hearing Strobist name it a brown bag series we know it makes complete sense. Our goal is to help people avoid paying $200 or $300 for a DVD and only getting one or two bits of information out of it… for one or two things we thought it would be plenty worth $5 to $10… and that is kind of how 5 Dollar Tutorials was born.

If you think about it… a typical photography lighting DVD might cover two, three or even four different lighting setups and cost you $250. Lets imagine that Drew made his ‘brown bag videos’ into a DVD instead and sold it for a cheap $200. At that price the Drew Gardner’s brown bag videos name would not really apply… but you get the point. Even if you loved and benefitted from 10 of the videos.. that would only bring the price to about $20 per video. So we cut out all the stuff you don’t want and just offer it to you for a very low price of $7.50 (wait… why not $5? We explain it here) so even if you buy every video you are only spending $112.50.

But we really get it down to make it fit the Brown Bag video series nickname… you can get all 15 videos for just $75. So here you go, take a look at the teasers to the videos on 5 Dollar Tutorials and when you are ready you can just buy the entire Drew Gardner’s Brown Bag Video Series.

  • jw

    I assume misspelling “details” was just to be ironic?

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Um…Yes…. hrm… fixed. Thanks!

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