Drew Gardner Zebra Photo – Epic Fashion BTS video

by Lan Bui on December 2, 2010

What an amazing experience… a photo shoot with an awesome model, a fantastic trip to UK and now one of the best videos we have ever made!

Drew Gardner is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met. He is an amazing person and his work… well it just speaks for itself. He is the first person I have seen doing true Epic Fashion photography. He combines fashion photography with epicness in something that is best described by just showing it. So I encourage you to go to his website and look at some of his past work. My favorites are the forest series and descendants!

We met Drew last year at a conference in LA, he came up to us after we spoke on stage to chat and we hit it off right away. We all ended up at dinner that night and have since become great friends. When Vu and I heard that Drew was doing another Epic Fashion shoot we had to be there for it… and since he needed a behind the scenes video made we got the job booked right away!

As you can see from the video, the shoot was of an awesome model and a zebra! A zebra photo shoot… it was something new and out there… so great.

Learn from Drew Gardner for under $10

While we were there we actually shot a ton more things… we shot 15 full videos of Drew explaining in detail how he put together some of his biggest and most notable shoots. He explains in detail the lighting, the logistics and all of the camera settings and equipment used on each shoot. He also speaks in each video about other things… the kinds of things you usually don’t hear about… the kinds of things you usually only learn on the job when they happen to you.

These videos normally would be packaged into a DVD and sold for $300 or so… but after shooting the videos and brainstorming with Drew we came up with something I think is going to be really popular and makes a lot more sense for everyone.

A while ago Vu and I started a website called 5 Dollar Tutorials, our intention was to make very affordable tutorials for photo and video stuff. We see all the time someone making a DVD and selling it for $150… $200… even as high at $900!!! This really sucks when all you want is one or two or even HALF the things off of the DVD. You have to pay for everything even when you don’t need it all. So 5 Dollar Tutorials was born… detailed tutorials that were basically like a chapter of a DVD sold for $5!!! How could anyone not like that?

Well, it’s been over a year and we never had the time to actually start shooting our tutorial videos, even though we completely believed in the project. If you look now you’ll see we only put up a couple repurposed free tutorials and some video blogs. We have had offers from people to partner up with us to get it started but for one reason or another it just never happened.

This is where Drew comes in!!! Since we were already making 15 videos for Drew, each of them worth WAY more than $5 (I think he could easily sell the 15 videos on DVD for $300) we worked out a deal with Drew to offer the videos on 5 Dollar Tutorials!!! We have not finalized the price yet, but we know they will be a few dollars more than $5… still plenty worth it (even if it doesn’t match the name of the site hahaha).

Once they are released you can pick and choose which photos you love and wonder how were done… and just buy the ones you are interested in. You’ll also have the option of buying the entire set at a steeply discounted price. Digital downloads lower the cost of production versus DVDs, and that savings easily passes on to your price.

Learn from Drew Gardner for FREE

We will be giving away one free video for a limited time sometime next week, if you want to be first in line and guarantee you get that video for free sign up below to get updates about 5 Dollar Tutorials and Drew Gardner:

The video series is called ‘Behind the Photos with Drew Gardner’. After watching each video you will know everything about how that photo was created.

Don’t miss out on the free video.

Learn from Drew for FREE LIVE!!!

Another opportunity to learn how Drew makes his images is to check out his free live webinar on Monday, December 6th. Click here to see what time the webinar will be in your time zone and register.


I wrote this post in a hurry… I just finished the Zebra video a few hours ago and have to get to editing up those 15 behind the photos videos right now… so I’m sure there is more that should be said about the shoot and the upcoming videos but I’ll leave you for now with two things to do… first take a look at this photo…

Drew Gardner Zeba shoot pano

That was shot on the iPhone… yep… iPhone… we even printed it out and it looks great! Which leads me back to encouraging you to sign up to get updates on 5 Dollar Tutorials… one of our first tutorials will be how to shoot good epic panoramic photos on the iPhone (we get emails and tweets all the time asking how we do these).

And that brings me to the last thing… I really don’t think you should miss out on Drew’s free video we will be sending out next week, so here… sign up to get updates about 5 Dollar Tutorials and Drew Gardner:

  • Greg Fiske

    Good stuff you guys! Loved the slow mo, done with software?

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Thanks Greg! Yes it was shot in 50P on the Canon XF305 and slowed down in Twixtor, hence the super interesting effect!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Extraordinary and beautiful.

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Thanks Enric!!! I believe that’s what we were hoping for. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mdoyne Meo Doyne

    Very Nice….

    • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

      Thanks Meo! So glad you came and checked it out!

  • kevie

    Drew Gardner in “This is Spinal Tap”

  • http://www.shaundavidphotography.com Shaun David

    Great video, and that iphone shot shows that the best cameras are great but if you know what you are doing, you can take a great photo with anything.

    • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

      Yeah… it is amazing what we can do with the smallest cameras!!!

      Thanks for the compliment.

  • Leo

    Great job guys – love your videos. Thanks for sharing. 

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