Black Friday Photog Retreat sale

by Lan Bui on November 26, 2010

I just sent an email out to our newsletter subscribers because I got such a big response to the last email I sent out… the email I sent basically had my final thoughts on like mindedness. I ended that email talking about a retreat I went to last year… the Photog Retreat. I was a speaker there and had a chance to live with like minded people without any distractions… it is amazing to do that. You can read the email I sent here.

Basically, after that email I got a ton of emails back from people interested in the Photog Retreat… so here is what I just sent out…

Thank you so much for the massive response to the last email. I’m going to be very short in this email… because I’m sure you have so many things to do today.

After getting so many responses back from all of you about the Photog Retreat and how you all really want to go… I thought why not try and get some sort of exclusive Bui Brothers discount… just for our friends. Here is what happened…

I got on the phone with Kathryn (Photog Retreat) and told her all about the emails that I’ve been sending and how I wanted a special discount exclusive for all of the people we get to sign up. I’ll try and summarize the conclusions of the conversation for you:

– 10 speakers
– 7 days
– No other workshop has that high of value
– Other 2 day workshops cost the same or more
– Even at big annual conferences you realistically don’t get to see 10 speakers
– It is a retreat / vacation
– Attendees get to live with the speakers (virtually unlimited face time)
– It is the only worksop your family can come to and BE HAPPY to be there with you!!!

So after that conversation I was pretty much convinced that a discount isn’t needed because there is so much benefit already build into the retreat. I’m talking about the ultimate chance to live with like minded people…

Well… after all that, the awesome Kathryn approved a one day $400 discount. We can call it a Black Friday sale… Kathryn is a little too nice and wanted to be ‘fair’ so she is offering this discount to a limited amount of people who reserve their spot today. She can’t sell that many spots at this discount so if you don’t get on it right away… well this will not be offered again.

$400 off Black Friday only


PS. Since this is open to anyone, let your friends know about this if you think they might be interested.

Oh and call me if you have any questions… 714-906-8496

So head on over to reserve your spot NOW!!!

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