October 2010

Let me introduce myself….

by Erica Hampton October 29, 2010
Erica Hampton

Hello! My name is Erica Hampton. I just moved from Michigan to L.A and am excited to announce that I’ll be Lan and Vu’s new assistant! You might see me on photo shoots, writing blog posts and generally freeing up some time for Lan and Vu to create more awesomeness. It’s great to be here […]

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Kaile Goh, Ken Belcher and Paul Dateh cover music video

by Lan Bui October 15, 2010
Kaile Goh

Kaile Goh (vocals) | Ken Belcher (guitar) | Paul Dateh (vocals/violin) | Lan Bui (director of photography) The other day Kaile came over with Ken to shoot a mashup video with Paul. I was working on some videos and needed a quick break… so I asked Paul what he had in mind for shooting it. […]

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