Time Lapse of Downtown Chicago river boat tour (and Lake Michigan)

by Lan Bui on June 21, 2010

When Vu and I attended the filming of FilmFellas 8 we were brought on a really cool boat tour of Downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan. Zacuto took us on the Free Spirit Yacht and Captain Joe did some cool maneuvers to make the time-lapse have some really nice shots in it.

It is a bit long, but I figured I’d just leave the river boat tour time lapse of downtown Chicago as it is…

I have not done many time lapse videos but right after we left and I knew we were going to go on the lake and under the bridges I knew I had to make a timelapse video. It was pretty funny, when I finished making the time lapse I didn’t really want to edit it so I just looked in Soundtrack Pro and there ended up being a song exactly the length of the video.

The video was edited in Final Cut Pro and each photo is one frame of video at 30p.

I really want to go back to downtown Chicago some day.

Thank you so much Zacuto for bringing us out on such an amazing boat tour!!! You guys rock.

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