Same day edit fusion wedding video – Ree Todd wedding video

by Lan Bui on June 15, 2010

Music by Paul Dateh, used with permission

Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a same day edit wedding fusion video for Southern California wedding photographers gabriel.ryan.photographers. Gabriel and his wife and partner Carlie Renee were the photographers for the wedding and they brought me on with the sole purpose of shooting and editing a wedding video the same day.

The wedding floral and design was by Carissa Jones and the wedding coordination and planning was by Jesi Haack. It was great to work with such a magical team.

A few days earlier I was talking to Aaron Dieppa about photographers offering video products to their clients and I ended up wondering if I could show up to a wedding by myself and make a wedding fusion video same day edit. The goal would be to offer photographers a cost effective way to add video to the day without adding much expense or effort.

So… after talking to Aaron I tweeted to see if anyone had a wedding coming up… I got a number of responses and the most promising one was with Gabriel Ryan. So began the planning…

How could I possibly shoot high quality video from multiple angles, capture sound, bring tripods and stedicams and other video stabilization gear, shoot video of everything… then capture it all and edit something together with photos from the photographer? I was thinking about it all wrong. A same day edit wedding fusion video would have to be less complicated.

My first goal to make this fusion wedding video a success was to gear down to the bare minimum. That would be the only way a crew of one could pull this off. So I set out to have only one camera bag and just bring pretty much what I could fit in it. The following is what I ended up with in my wedding fusion video camera kit:

– Canon 5D Mark II
– Canon 28mm 1.8 lens
– Canon 50mm 1.4 lens
– Canon 100mm 2.8 L IS lens
– Steadicam Merlin
– Zacuto Cross Fire
– Zacuto Z-Finder
– Tripod with Manfrotto 301 fluid head
– MacBook Pro

I’m sure you noticed but the tripod and the Zacuto rig didn’t really fit in the camera bag… but that was fine. They stand on their own.

My second goal was to shoot for the edit. So while I shot I would delete clips that were bad, I would only shoot things I knew I would use and I didn’t waste any recording time. I did end up with over an hour of recorded video but in the final wedding fusion video I think I did a good job of shooting for the edit.

My last goal was to make sure I had enough time to make the edit. My plan was to stop shooting and get started editing during the portraits session and that ended up working perfectly. If you are really interested in the editing workflow please let me know in the comments below and I’ll make a post about it if you all really want to know how the editing went.

Over all I am very happy with what we ended up with and I think I will do this again. If you are interested in hiring me to come and shoot a same day edit wedding fusion video please contact me with our contact form.

  • Kristine Paulsen Photography

    Really beautiful – nicely done in such a short amount of time! I've got a 5d Markii and Steadicam Merlin myself and am still having issues balancing it. I'd love it you have any tips to share on balancing the rig. Thanks for posting this – it's always so nice to see quality wedding videos.

  • Lan Bui

    Thanks! I don't usually operate the stedicam… so I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with… Vu usually is our stedicam operator so I'll let him give you the settings he has for it (I do know it depends on your lens too).

  • Steven Revare

    Beautiful work! Very impressive even if you'd done it in ten days, let alone one.

  • Leeann

    You're awesome. That is all :)

  • Daniel Lundgren

    Very impressive, especially for the insanely short turnaround time. What software did you use to edit it?

  • Half a ReeTodd

    You're Amazing! Jodie and I can't thank you enough! Simply Beautiful!

  • Lan Bui

    That is a great compliment!

  • Lan Bui


  • Lan Bui

    I like to do things very fast and simple… so I chose iMovie to edit this video.

  • Lan Bui

    Thanks so much for having such a great wedding and being so awesome. You two are the best!

  • the lucky bride

    All I can say Lan, is that you are awesome and sneaky! How did we have no idea what you were doing?! We are so lucky that you picked our wedding to try this out on…Can't wait to see the many more to come!!

  • Josh

    Way Cool! I want you guys to shoot a promo video for my photo booth!

  • Lan Bui

    I'm so glad it worked out… not that at any point did I doubt it… but you never know until you try!

    Your wedding was the perfect one for this too… so beautiful, so fun and great people.

  • Zachary Long

    Simply amazing, and to top it all off you did that the same day? Is the Steadicam Merlin what you used for those “floating camera” type shots? The results are amazing but just wondering if their is a slightly lower cost alternative for those of us just getting into video but need a steadicam when a tripod won't do. Again just awestruck that you were able to do this turnaround the same day, but the advice in the article is solid to “shoot for the edit” and have your vision in mind. Thanks!

  • Lan Bui

    Hi Zachary! Tha is for the great comment!

    Yes the Merlin was used for the stradicam shots. There are some
    cheaper ones but they really are cheaper! The Merlin is our favorite
    because it is so small and light we can travel with it easily.

    – Lan
    714-906-8496 | |

  • Lan Bui

    Hi Zachary! Tha is for the great comment!

    Yes the Merlin was used for the stradicam shots. There are some
    cheaper ones but they really are cheaper! The Merlin is our favorite
    because it is so small and light we can travel with it easily.

  • Brian

    The proof is in the pudding, and the piece is beautiful. All us pros can sit and stew on how you did such a great job with so little gear and time. But I am sure the real fun, the real tickle in your tummy must have been when everyone watched it together. It must have been a great feeling to be able to do that for them so quickly.
    Awesome job.

  • Lan Bui

    Wow, thanks for the great comment! Yes, that was very rewarding.

  • Austin

    I am interested in the how you approached such a nice edit so efficiently-  Were you shooting with the edit in mind, really limiting shots or perhaps just making note of the keepers to save time reviewing later?  Any other tips and tricks to keep things moving and still not be jumbled?  The more details and concepts the better…


    • Lan Bui

      Yes, I shot with the edit in mind.

      Basically when you are shooting you know what looks good and what doesn’t if it doesn’t look good then don’t shoot it. Some shooters and editors like to have stuff just in case… but if your workflow needs to be streamlined then you can’t afford to have stuff just in case. You just keep the best stuff. Also, deleting clips in camera that you know are not the best helps too. There is usually some down time so I just that time to review the clips on the camera and delete them before I ever even import them to the computer.


    Lan, Jack here. Didn’t see if you’d mentioned if you edit with FCP or FCPX? also did you used compression to export? great job buddy!

    • Lan Bui

      Hey Jack!

      I think this one was FCP 7

  • Swammivishnu

    Great work. Curious to know how you find time to edit the bridal prep. and ceremony by the time the reception starts. I have a client who requested this but not sure how its performed. Thank you

    • Lan Bui

      Hi! Thanks for the compliment!

      I just shoot what I need for the edit… no need for extra stuff!!!

  • Culing Bermil 2nd

    sir did you use 1080p 24fps? what iso should you prefer to use?

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