RED EPIC camera

by Lan Bui on June 6, 2010

First look at a real RED EPIC camera in the wild (Cine Gear Expo 2010)

Up close with the RED EPIC camera

Vu and I were at Cine Gear 2010 at The Studios at Paramount and were browsing the expo when we spotted a red epic camera. We could not hold back and had to ask to play with it. If we had more time with the red epic we would have loved to make a longer video showing you the production feature set… It would have also been nice to get some more detailed video footage of the red epic or better yet some real test video from the red epic. Now that would have been great to get awesome test footage from the red epic, even if it was a pre production red epic…

Ok, so some new goals will be to get some real test footage from a an epic camera and then make a red epic demo video.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this quick clip of the RED EPIC.

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