Pittsburgh Lighting and Workflow Workshop on July 13th, 2010

by Vu Bui on June 10, 2010

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We’ve teamed up with photographer Leeann Marie to help bring a full-day Bui Brothers “affordable lighting” workshop to the Pittsburgh, PA area on July 13th, 2010. Leeann will be handling all the logistics and venue planning, and we’ll be flying in to teach the workshop itself.

Workshop Description

Our “affordable lighting” workshop will teach you how to use natural light and inexpensive flashes off-camera with your DSLR to shoot headshots, portraits and fashion photographs. One of the lighting kits we will be teaching with costs less than $300 for everything (two flashes, wireless triggers, light stands and light modifiers). We’ll be showing you the actual reasons behind each lighting setup with the intention to teach you to be able to create your own… not just replicate the exact things we show you at the workshop. Finally we’ll take the images we’ve all shot from the day and do a complete workflow and simple Lightroom/Photoshop editing lesson.

Buy now, seats are only $249. We are selling only 25 seats, and they may sell out, so book now to reserve yours. Add to Cart (note: after 7/01 there will be no refunds on booking deposits)

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Course Breakdown

The workshop will cover these general topics and more:
In-class education:
– natural light and off-camera lighting examples and placement
– selecting gear
– gear explanation
– camera settings explanation
– image selection workflow
– editing in Lightroom
– Photoshop editing techniques
Outdoor shoot:
– the perfect headshot
– shooting headshots/portraits with natural light
– small flash off-camera dramatic lighting
– small flash off-camera fill lighting
– using studio lights outdoors
– overpowering the sun

You’ll need to bring your camera and lenses and you’ll want to bring a laptop if you have one… or at least something to take notes on if you don’t. We’ll be breaking off into two groups for most of the outdoor session and will be shooting live models.


We now have our location!
The Rex
1602 East Carson Street

Tracie Cotta

Basic Schedule (times are subject to change slightly but the general structure will remain the same)

noon-2pm: in-class education (lighting theory, gear, camera settings)
2pm-3pm: lunch break with Q&A
3pm-6pm: outdoor shoot
6pm-8:30pm: in-class education (workflow, Lightroom, Photoshop)


Buy now, seats are only $249. Add to Cart (note: after 7/01 there will be no refunds on booking deposits)

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