The Streamy Awards 2010

by Lan Bui on April 20, 2010

There has been so much talk about the Streamy Awards 2010 this year. Our experience of the awards show was magically unique because we were hidden away with one goal… to document the event with photographs.

This is our version of motion portraits for the award winners and presenters.

We knew nothing outside of our photo area, so please enjoy the video above and see how we experienced the Streamy Awards 2010.

If you liked the look of the video take a look at the photos we took in that setup here.


Video info:
The awesome backdrop used in this video was provided by Drop It Modern.

The video and photos were all shot on a Canon 7D in 60p then conformed to 24p for slowmotion. The lighting was done with 4 Westcott TD5 lights with strip boxes.

We could not have done this without our awesome team of associate photographers:
Bonny Pierzina
Gabriel Ryan
Laura Kearse
Joe Philipson
Kevin Calumpit
Luis Miguel Munoz-Najar

Actually, without our production team we could not have done this either:
Josh Allard
Megan Chrisofferson
Mark Bealo
Scott Kearse


  • Casey McKinnon

    So. Effing. Awesome. Well done, Bui Brothers and Sisters!

  • JenniPowell

    Simply incredible!

  • breanne schaap

    ok loving the vixen drop it MODERN backdrop! ;)
    I also HAVE to know. Where is that adorable light orange dress from with the fan in it? Let me know, SO cute!

  • zadi

    I love it. Nice work team! You all documented the event amazingly. :)

  • Casey McKinnon

    PS: In case anyone was wondering where the real class of the event was… it was in the photo area with the Bui brothers ;)

  • cyuskoff

    Well done!

  • Brian Tatosky

    Very classy. Now *those* would have made great interstitials during the show.

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