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by Vu Bui on April 5, 2010

Gustavo Fernandez was gracious enough to pretty much do all the work in setting up a lighting workshop for us to teach in Concord, CA the day after our talk at the SF East Bay SMUG (also hosted by Gustavo). All the gear we needed for the shoot was sponsored by borrowlenses.com:

We were a little worried that the location for our workshop was going to be at someone’s house… we’ve done lighting workshops at hotels, parks, cafes and studios… but not private residences. THEN we saw the house and met the hosts. The house is an Eichler (don’t worry, I didn’t know who it was either… shhhh just pretend) and is very open, airy and bright! The backyard was large, had a really cool industrial strength (which means I could play on it) swingset and offered the perfect setting for a couple of the things we planned… and the living room was giant and comfortably seated all the workshop attendees and the projector and screen.

photo by Carrie Stuk:photo by Carrie Stuk http://photosbycarries.blogspot.com

The owners, Sara and Chris Goetz… um… what can I say about them to actually do them justice? They were the most amazing hosts I could ever hope or dream for and are truly wonderful people. That may sound like an exaggeration, but it isn’t at all. Not only did they open their home to us and our workshop attendees, but they made muffins, offered coffee and beverages… it was AMAZING and I am eternally grateful to them. (notice that the muffins made it FIRST on the list of awesomeness? Future workshop hosts take note ;)

photo by Carrie Stuk:photo by Carrie Stuk http://photosbycarries.blogspot.com

The workshop itself was split into three parts. 2 hours of indoor lighting theory, lighting setups and explanation and general questions; 3 hours of outdoor shooting in natural light and with the off camera flashes and also Profoto heads; then 2 hours of workflow, Lightroom and Photoshop training with the images we shot from the day. Everyone edited at least one of their images from the day and we did an image competition to finish up and the prize was a brand new Shootsac and cover.

Almost all of our gear was sponsored and provided at no cost for this workshop by borrowlenses.com. It was VERY cool that we didn’t have to fly with anything, we just showed up and the gear was there. We got a 5D mark II, 3 580EXII flashes, 4 pocket wizards, a 3-head Profoto kit and a bunch of stands. Basically everything we needed for the lighting workshop. It was really nice to fly carry-on only with our clothes in our carry-on bags and no gear to lug!!! It was our first experience with them… but I can see that at future workshops we’ll likely use the same service, because traveling with gear is costly, dangerous… and honestly a pain. We did bring one 5D mark II with us (ALWAYS have a backup) but if you have the gear arrive the day before you do at your hotel you’ll be able to keep everything tracked and know exactly where it is.

photo by Sara Goetz:
photo by Sara Goetz  http://blog.saragoetzphotography.com

We were also lucky to have some awesome models. Goldie Chan, Sam Harnack, Madison, Crystal Peterson and Marissa Louie.

All in all it was a great day for a workshop and we had a really fantastic group of people. After seeing all the work done by everyone that same day (after the workflow and editing portion of the workshop) it was awesome to see that not only did the attendees come away with great images from our instruction and setups, but also from breaking away from the group and trying things out on their own. Here are a few of the images from the day:

Rosaura Sandoval:
photo by Rosaura Sandoval http://rosaurasandoval.com

Exquisit Photography
photo by Exquisit Photography http://exquisitphotography.com

Jessie Cho
photo by Jessie Cho http://jessiechophotography.com

Rosaura Sandoval:
photo by Rosaura Sandoval http://rosaurasandoval.com

Thanks to our photographers for the great images, here are all the ones they sent in from the workshop (including some behind-the-scenes stuff) in one nifty slideshow.

Images by:

Stephen Wong
Sara Goetz
Rosaura Sandoval
Ron Rutkowski
Pepe Abarca
Kathi Cook Photography
Joseph Pascua
Jessie Cho
Exquisit Photography
Carrie Stuk

We had a great time, and can’t wait to do our next one! Look for more lighting workshops coming throughout the year.

SOME of the crew of the SF lighting workshop

  • http://gustavofernandez.com/ Gustavo

    Thanks brothers for the awesome time in SF, all the attendees loved the workshops. Hope to have you back up soon!

  • http://www.weddingsinmotion.ca/ Geoff Heith

    Love it guys…would love to come down one day….

  • http://www.focus28photo.com Heather

    Ever come to the Sacramento area?

  • http://www.LanBui.com Lan Bui

    We have not been out there for a while!

  • http://focus28photo.com Heather

    Would love it if you could! (come to Sacramento)

  • http://www.thelenspal.com/subcat/15/canontelephotolenses.htm Digital Lens Rental

    Great days in San Francisco! ! !

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