Converge 2 UK DSLR talk and workshop

by Lan Bui on April 29, 2010

Come see Vu and I in UK May 4 and 5 for Converge Two.

We will be giving a one hour talk about video marketing and give real life examples of our video marketing success. If you are interested in all of the gear we use on our shoots you wont want to miss our HDSLR gear workshop. We will be showing off some great new gear and taking about what gear to use on various types of HDSLR shoots.

Here is the schedule:

We are very excited to be speaking along side of the following super fantastic people:

Rodney Charters (director of photography for the show 24, cinematographer, director)
Phillip Bloom (DP, director, filmmaker)
Drew Gardner (photographer, advanced lighting expert)
Richard Jobson (writer, director, convergence innovator)
One Dead Pixel (digital media production house)
Pinknoise (location audio specialist)

Buy your tickets here.

“Den Lennie from F-Stop Academy found Rodney Charters at NAB and spoke to him about Converge Two”
(via Converge Two Blog)

“Whilst at NAB, Den Lennie from F-Stop Academy met up with The Bui Brothers and asked them about Converge…”
(via Converge Two Blog)

  • lydiashannon

    You two are sooo ridiculous but I love it. I must say you two are much less nerdy in those HOT shades! So when are you making your iPhone video about coming to Fort Lauderdale to visit your favorite person?

    Look Vu, I finally got a Gravatar and I made it the picture you hate :)

  • martyn

    Great show guys, I missed the video marketing talk cause I was with Philip but your gear talk was coool

  • Vu Bui

    Thanks Martyn, so glad you came and enjoyed!

  • Matt

    Really enjoyed the talks guys. Loved your work…really inspiring. Just make sure you watch out for overexposing any wedding dresses! Looks like you might be in the UK for a while longer – damn ash cloud!

  • Lan Bui

    HAHA!!! Yeah… white dress.

    Thanks so much for the compliments.

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