August 2009

Philip Bloom, Hitler and The Bui Brothers

by Lan Bui August 31, 2009

Ok, I’ve been trying to get this blog post up all day… I wanted to do something clever… but the day is almost over and this just needs to get posted… Philip Bloom is a fantastic Director of Photography, Director and Editor of moving pictures. We met Philip once while shooting a commercial in Joshua […]

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Vote For Our SXSW Panel | $147,000 In One Week – Case Study

by Vu Bui August 31, 2009

About a year ago we worked with a company to launch a membership website… and the first week of the launch brought in a total of $147,000. It was not due to luck, lies or magic. We’re trying to get our SXSW panel voted in… where we go over exactly what steps it took to […]

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