January 2009

Rudy Jahchan – Headshot

by Lan Bui January 29, 2009

A few nights ago we shot a good friend of ours, Rudy Jahchan because he needed an updated headshot. Here is our favorite from the shoot: [ how much to buy viagra in pounds | chinese herbal viagra | female viagra viagra woman | where can i purchase cialis | how long does viagra last | […]

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Anastasia Tubanos – Photo Shoot

by Vu Bui January 19, 2009

Lan and I have been fans of Battlestar Galactica for quite a while… though he was into it well before me. I had thought it was a bit too geeky sounding for me… but finally he got me to agree to watch the mini-series… and I was hooked. Anastasia and Matt do the successful shows […]

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Veronica Belmont Photoshoot

by Lan Bui January 11, 2009

Last month Vu, Carlie and I went to San Francisco to shoot a few peoples photographs. You may have seen Neha Tiwari’s or Sarah Lane’s floating around; but we had two more photo shoots while we were there… Schlomo Rabinowitz and Veronica Belmont. You are going to have to wait a bit more to see […]

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Ask Dane – A new production by The Bui Brothers

by Lan Bui January 1, 2009

Vu and I have been working with Dane Sanders on a new exciting project for the last few months. If you don’t know who Dane is, he is a Wedding Photographer who is also an educational leader in his industry. You can find out about him here. Ask Dane is a weekly video blog where […]

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