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by Vu Bui on December 24, 2008

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Veronica Belmont


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This page, however, is about The Brothers Bui Photography.

Our friend, mentor and sometimes work colleague Steve Woolf has for the last few years continually supported our name change to The Brothers Bui… which would make our business name either The Brothers Bui Photography or possibly The Brothers Bui Media. It’s funny because every time he says it I’m reminded of previous names we’ve had… Bui Studios… Bui Photography… and now just The Bui Brothers… we’ve had a few so-called business names.

We actually started our name in photography… back when we were still amateurs and had no true intentions of making photography our full-time job as Bui Studios. We bought and used it as a little portfolio page (this was back in 2000 or 2001 before we’d ever even shot a wedding). At the time you wanted to sound bigger than you really were in your web presence… so having “studios” in our name made it sound like we were something special… or so we thought. Due to me changing email addresses and not using auto-renew on my domain names at the time… I lost the domain. It was snatched up by one of those companies that buys a ton of domains and puts ads on them… and Bui Studios was dead.

After that we considered changing our name to Bui Photography. If you think about it… Bui Photography was quite the perfectly descriptive name for us at the time… but after flirting with the idea for a short while… we decided to take “photography” out of the name… just in case we decided to do something a little different. So just as quickly as it was born… Bui Photography was gone.

We ended up just going with the name The Bui Brothers because it was who we were… it had a little alliteration and honestly we couldn’t really think of a different name at the time. Losing and abandoning Bui Photography were probably the smartest things we ever did… because The Bui Brothers is truly the perfect name for us and has thus far served us well.

Ok after writing all this I realize that I’m too tired and it’s hardly even a story… but oh well… it’s now written. Two brothers decided to do some work together, Bui Studios then Bui Photography became The Bui Brothers… and then it became now. Wow yeah tired… I got nuthin’.

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