One on One

Want personal training that works directly with YOUR gear? Can’t wait for one of our workshops? Schedule a one-on-one session!

Book your personal One on One time with one of us and get the following:

– custom workflow setup – this will be tailored to your equipment, operating system and software so that you will have an exact procedure to follow to quickly, efficiently and effectively create and post videos to your website or blog and more. (this means you need to bring your equipment to Vegas!)
– setup and lessons on how to distribute your creative videos beyond your own websites for maximum exposure
– advice on how to find your style and voice for your online videos to ensure you are getting the correct message out for your brand
– resources for music that match your style, and how to legally use that music in your videos, slideshows and websites

One on One time (usually 5 hours) – $1000 – Add to Cart

Don’t forget to bring your laptop, camera and cables!