Online video, photography, marketing… and even how to use Twitter!
We offer consulting and free advice for almost anything online media related.


Lunch on you

We receive emails all the time with people asking us to consult for them. We also get emails all the time with people asking for advice. We have pretty much have broken both of those down to something very simple… mostly all you need is to buy us lunch.

Umami Burger Panoramic with Veronica Belmont


If you think you need consulting… you might… or you might just get what you need by taking us out to lunch and we will answer any questions you have without holding anything back. Our thought is that advice is free and we want to help everyone that we can, if it ends up you want more after a lunch we will gladly set up something official.


Like I said… we think advice should be free. Well… almost free… the cost of a lunch should cover it. We all have to eat every day so why not do it with someone that wants to talk shop?!?! If you just want some advice take us out to lunch and we can talk all you want.

How and when?

We’ve seen some d-bag industry lame-o’s charge people to have lunch with them (and some good people too)… We just love to share so we will talk your ear off and answer any questions you have for a good lunch. Use our contact page to let us know when you would like to do lunch.

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