Artist Bio of Shane Robinson, Artist

by Lan Bui on July 17, 2014

Shane Robinson and Roxanne Darling hired us to make this short film. If you need something like this made, contact us. It is one of our favorite things to do.

We have known Shane since before YouTube was popular. Shane was Rox’s secret camera man and they did a lot of amazing things in the web video world before it was even a thing to do. They are pioneers of their industry, but more importantly, amazing people and cherished friends.

Now, years later… Shane is a fine art photographer and painter creating his art in Maui. He needed a simple bio made for him to show at his new 24 hour art gallery in Wailea at the Andaz Maui, and to show on his website as well.

Shane is an amazing artist; after having the pleasure of seeing him work and documenting it I now understand why he is such a great artist. He puts his life into his art; he lives so passionately and that is all part of his art creation.

If you have not already done so, watch the video, my favorite shot is one that really shows how hard he works, it is the one where he is grunting and using all his strength to push the giant spatula across his canvas.

I think we captured Shane, his process, his personality, and his art well in this short film.

Chloe and I have spent a lot of time making our living space our own… A LOT of time… slowly building it just right for us. We have not rushed it at all. Just taking time to make it how we like it together, adding something here and there from time to time. It is something that brings us so much pleasure to do and while I watched Shane create his art it is an awesome parallel to see how he takes his time to carefully design the art just as we take time to design our space where art lives.

Two last things… BTS photos… and you can join some awesome people in owning some Shane Robinson Art!!! Not only do the first 10 people get an amazing piece of artwork but they also get 25% off Shane Robinson art (just a pure discount, expires Aug 31, 2014, we get no kickback for this: coupon code = BUI).

Photo by Chloe Mae Loop

Photo by Chloe Mae Loop

Photo by Chloe Mae Loop

Photo by Chloe Mae Loop

Photo by Chloe Mae Loop

Photo by Chloe Mae Loop

Photo by Lydia Winters

Photo by Lydia Winters

Photo by Lydia Winters

Photo by Lydia Winters

The gear

  • Robert A. Ober


    Hawaii stuff looks real nice.

    In the past you did some things with the D800. Was that only for Nikon? Why go to Canon?

    Robert A. Ober

  • Steve Weiss

    Just wonderful. Beautifully shot and edited. Lighting great. Screen direction, framing, story– all lovely. Does a body but me not have a f@@king drone ;-). It was a lovely shot. My only issue is that I wasn’t crazy about the lighting of the interview, also the eyeline was a bit to far from lens and I would probably shorten the video by 1 minute, I was starting to skip. He’s interesting but not enough to carry that length. All in all, a beautiful short doc.

  • Todd Fedler

    Nice job guys! The story flowed nicely with the footage, nice piece.

  • Roxanne Darling

    Thank you Lan and Vu! You created a beautiful video for Shane and great memories for all of us from the trip.

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