Erica Rhodes photo shoot

by Lan Bui on April 23, 2012

So here is what happens when you need to do a quick shoot with pretty much no planning time…

Erica Rhodes needed new photos for various reasons… Vu and I were a little too busy so I offered Erica something we don’t normally do. Normally Vu and I concept the shoot, hire our stylist, hire our makeup artists, find locations… and pretty much everything else to do with a shoot. This time we had a conference to prepare for, a couple speaking gigs and a massive two day shoot all back to back. So if Erica was able to take charge and produce the shoot herself… she could have me (Vu would be out of town) just show up to do my thing.

I found our location… which although looks really awesome… is just a friend’s driveway. So while Erica was hard working finding wardrobe and makeup and thinking of what the shoot will be all about I just texted Greg Aronowitz asking if we could use his driveway. I got out of this pretty easy because all I had left to do was show up for the shoot.

Since normally Vu and I shoot together on shoots like this I did want to have someone there that knew about lighting and has creative input. I also love to have someone to help with poses… so I called up Doug Chan from Furious Photographers to help me on the shoot. Fortunately he was available!!!

So here is the team that made this all possible:

Erica Magic Shoot Group

(left to right) Style – Diandra Barnwell, Actress/Model – Erica Rhodes, Photography – The Bui Brothers, Photography Support – Furious Photographers (Doug Chan), Makeup – Marisa Anhaltzer.

So I wanted to try something different on this shoot so we busted out a smoke machine and some colored gels. Now although I’m happy enough to show this photo… I still see LOTS of room for improvement in a setup like this:


And finally… these are my two favorite photos from the set… I’m quite happy with the way they turned out!!!



  • Den

    Your photography blows me away every time I see it guys

    • Lan Bui

      Thanks Den! I really appreciate this from you!

  • Brian Worley

    Lan I think you have gained a lot from spending time with Drew I half expected to see him pop up in this video somewhere :-)

    • Lan Bui

      This has to be the best compliment ever! I wish I could come even a little close to how awesome Drew is.

      • Bill

        I see a lot of Drew in this shoot. That’s a good thing.

        • Lan Bui

          Thanks so much!

  • Tbarnwell

    That Diandra Barnwell is beautiful young lady also!!!  She should be modeling for you.  Something to think about!!!!


    • Lan Bui

      HAHAHA!!! Yes, she should.

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