Canon C300 Day 1 – Brief Physical Review

by Lan Bui on December 24, 2011

Drew Gardner and I have just received a Canon C300. This video is us discussing our first reactions to the camera. We review the size and weight of the Canon C300, the build quality, the buttons, the Canon C300 ‘foot’, battery compartment, audio inputs, LCD, handle, and review other Canon C300 parts too. It is a quick review of the camera… we have not even put any cards in it yet!!!

A few weeks ago we did get out hands on a Canon C300 at a dealer demo day… we have been talking about handling the camera and who the C300 is a game changer since seeing it live in person and getting to shoot with it a bit and getting to see the image out of it on a giant screen.

So basically, let us know what you would like to know about the camera!

Comment below with your questions about the camera and we will answer them in a future video and/or blog post!!!

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  • Eric

    You forgot to show the side handle & strap, how it mounts and how adjustable it is.

    • Lan Bui

      Oh no! haha… we sure will add that in for the next video!

    • Drew Gardner

      Hi Eric,Drew here.Indeed we did.We will endeavor to cover it another timeI will blame Christmas for that one :)Wishing you a good one

  • Bmaschino

    Since the camera samples luminance at twice the frequency of chrominance, have you noticed any image artifacting on highly saturated objects, particularly in fast motion?

    • Lan Bui

      We actually have not even loaded anything onto the computer yet!!! Just shot some ‘nothingness’ to test out our Hoodman CF cards to make sure it woks at all bitrates… ant it worked perfectly!!! So next if to actually shoot something besides a cat and dog to post! Will watch out for that though.

  • Chris

    What are the EVF / XLR plug configuration?  can we add our own using those inputs or is it the supplied only?
    Also what is it like shooting through the on camera EVF.  Is it just another low res hard to judge color view finder?
    Does the camera power the lenses stabilization functions and auto focus?

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  • manusapo

    I would like to know if I can still use my external Marshall Monitor wit HDMI output ? Not because I don’t like the canon one, but because I simply love the “false color” settings on it.

  • Harry Kemball

    Hey Guys,
    Looks like my olde Bolex RX4 with 12-120mm Ang. Even the trigger button in the lower right is the same.
    Blue skies,

  • M1n10n1t

    explain about the 4K video format.

    • Vu Bui

      The C300 is a 1080p camera, there is no 4K resolution on this camera.

      • Lan Bui

        Well the chip is 4k… We will be talking about this in the future!

  • Jeremy

    Hi Drew how are you doing I want to know about the post production if you can help me out. Is it just like the 5d, 7d and the 60 or is it different in the uploading process?

  • Joe Rayborne

    I love the Canon C300 in every way humanly possible BUT, however the price range is beyond anybody’s touch and redicously over price. You can get a red scarlet for 9k basic and 15k fully loaded. The better way to do this is to be more competitive in the filmakers market it allow the C300 to be in the price range of around 9k to 10k range would far more great and blow the Red competitor out of the water, yet more filmmakers can afford the camera by farand appreciate the value of it as well. Over all for the sence of humar part of it, Give me a ring and say I Doooooo to the C3000 with cimema Lens on it. Funny I know LOL. You’d have to love that one. But I love the C300 over all and any camera on the market. This will be the Camera I will upgrade too for life. It is my Baby…..

  • Mike4cam

    and Harry do you remember how diffecult it was to hand hold!

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