Kaile Goh, Ken Belcher and Paul Dateh cover music video

by Lan Bui on October 15, 2010

Kaile Goh (vocals) | Ken Belcher (guitar) | Paul Dateh (vocals/violin) | Lan Bui (director of photography)

The other day Kaile came over with Ken to shoot a mashup video with Paul. I was working on some videos and needed a quick break… so I asked Paul what he had in mind for shooting it. As usual, he was just going to shoot it himself with his Canon Powershot SD940IS point and shoot camera… which actually looks great… it shoots HD video and you can lock exposure so you can get some great video out of it, but it is really not comparable to what you would get out of a Canon 5D mark II. So, I offered to shoot it… I mean they were going to be in our studio upstairs… I wanted to get off my butt… so it all worked out.

I set up 4 Westcott TD5 lights with daylight balanced fluorescent bulbs in strip banks as a thing I call a fashion square… you can see the setup in the photos below:

Paul Dateh, Ken Belcher and Kaile Goh

right now - shooting w/ @kbelcherguitar @kailegoh @lanbui!

Now… I didn’t know we were going to actually shoot two videos. So I got everything set up for the single shot one video. Then after shooting it they were talking about a second video, well… why not right? So I ditched the white background things and left them just on the black backdrop. I also pushed in the lights a bit closer to fill in the fashion box lighting a bit more… We ended up shooting each person individually on black so we can do some fun things in editing.

The nice thing about shooting video on the 5D mark II is that at any given moment you can just snap a photo. That is exactly what I did, I don’t think Kaile even knew I took this photo. We were just getting ready for her shot and I thought she looked cool so I hit the shutter. So here is what you get with four Westcott TD5 lights and a Canon 5D mark II:

Kaile Goh photo singing Gold

And finally, here is a quick little behind the scenes video from the shoot:

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard and love Paul’s music but in this video….this video gives me goosebumps :)

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