WPPI 2010 | What’s Going On With The Bui Brothers

by Vu Bui on March 4, 2010

Click to watch the live photo stream from 3/7 – 3/11

The day is almost upon us… when we toss aside thoughts of sleep, rest or relaxation and drown ourselves in a sea of fellow photographers who want to soak in everything they can from the multitudes that surround them.

People attend WPPI for such a variety of reasons. From the practical: “I come to see the exhibits and learn at the classes” to the hippie: “I want to make friends and love each other” to the brutally honest: “I wanna get wasted on free booze!”

This year we’re doing a few new things and a few old things… and we thought we’d take this opportunity to let everyone know some of the cool projects we’ll be up to.

New Media Lounge

Last year we teamed up with WPPI and Dane Sanders to bring the photography industry’s first WPPI Blogger’s Lounge. It was a comfortable space for you to come and sit in plush LoveSacs and use free WiFi… which having access to people who could help you with your questions about blogging, Twitter and other social media platforms. It was quite a success and stayed pretty much packed the entire duration of the tradeshow.

This year we’re taking it one step further. Pictage took the helm this year by sponsoring the booth and brought both The Bui Brothers and Dane Sanders back in for what is now called the New Media Lounge. We’ll still have super comfy furniture supplied by LoveSac and free WiFi… but this year we’re also focusing on bringing WPPI to those who can’t actually attend. Dane will be doing live streaming videos from the booth… while Lan and I will be shooting a live photo stream at all times from the tradeshow floor, the various booths, and even the parties at night. Thanks to Whrrl, EyeFi and Olympus, we’ll be shooting photos that will be uploaded wirelessly within seconds no matter where we are in the city to the special page we’ll have set up specifically for this stream. If you see us any time, Sunday night through Thursday, strike a pose noteworthy enough to make it to the live stream! More details are to follow about this awesome project.

One on One With a Bui

A few people have asked and we know others are doing this so we’re going to have a signup sheet at the booth where you can reserve a time to speak one on one with us about anything you want. Each session is 20 minutes long, and we’ll be available for 1 hour a day. Visit the booth for more details on this.

Smug Mug Booth

We’ll also be speaking at the SmugMug booth at 11:30am on Tuesday the 9th for 20 minutes, then again at 2:00pm on Wednesday. We’ll be taking questions and talking about how merging video with photos doing behind-the-scenes videos has worked for us. There are going to be great speakers there all day long so make sure you check it out!


Yes, we’ll be attending parties. As many as possible. It’s part of our live photo streaming project to attend as many things as we can, but I can’t deny that attending these functions is just plain fun. Visiting with industry friends you only see a couple times a year is a blast… and standing shoulder to shoulder in a hotel room while laughing your ass of at the crazy things the more rowdy attendees are up to is always enjoyable.

We’re particularly excited about the Pictage/KISS party at Studio 54 where we’ll be shooting THE party video of WPPI, but there are lots more to attend every single night of the show!

Stalk Us With Ease

You can find out what we’re doing at any time by following our twitter feeds, @lanbui and @vubui. We’ll be geotagging our tweets wherever we are!

What will YOU be up to at WPPI? Comment below and let us know.

– Vu

  • http://www.lydiashannon.com/ Balydia Shannon

    Yea! Yea! Yea! WPPI! I am totally signing up for a one on one with a Bui… but which one will I pick? Can't wait to see you guys there.

  • http://vubui.com Vu Bui

    Yes, choosing your Bui is a tough decision that everyone must make at some time in their lives… I suggest you choose wisely!

  • http://twitter.com/CameraCruise Camera Cruise

    Looking forward to viewing your live photo stream!!

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